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I've been seeing in my posts/topic about Time Leaper already being a level made by Waved (like this post >>>

) I guess I didn't saw about that {idk why idk how. I'm just stupid. [Sorry Waved if you are reading this (you are probably not)]}. But, the problem is solved. I'm replacing Time Leaper with BattleTown by Waterflame. It was originally supposed to be in (my) s3 (SERIOUSLY!? STOP PLANNING LEVELS SO FAST! U GON' MESS UP!) user levels but not anymore. Anyways, here is the info:

s1 e09) BattleTown - Waterflame - Difficulty: 3. Release Date: September 19, 2019.

Welp, gotta tune out. As always, thanks for your reviews, comments, and feedbacks (wait...isn't it "thanks for making my fingers...")!

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Posted (edited)
  1. I didnt really tilted what da fuk is happening here 😸
  2. Can we collab with yu for that?I mean for me its a brainf^^k
  3. Is this will be the S4?
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3. added XS

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