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News & Updates 4/1/18

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Hello Soundodgers! This is News & Updates for April 1st, 2018



Unfortunately due to high hosting fees and bandwidth cost, some changes had to be made to the site to ensure future sustainability

  • We would like to thank our sponsor: Birds LLC . We have agreed to give them non-invasive advertising space in exchange or their infrastructure and hosting of our site.
  • Due to continued high bandwidth usage, we are now disabling the use of profile pictures and have found a suitable substitute to minimize server requests.
  • Level creators now have the opportunity to sign up for our monetized platform. That's right! You can now sell your levels on this site. To buy a level simply click on a file post and click the "Buy this level" button and it will be automatically bought and downloaded!

Again, if anyone is interested is sorting old forum levels and screenshots, please contact me.

Oh, and happy April Fools

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Important Information

WE HAVE UPDATED OUR PRIVACY POLICY Privacy Policy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqF7tPK85a4