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finna *intro noise*

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I did an intro on the past forms and it was really long, but now that it's gone I don't feel like typing all that shit again so here we go...

A few tidbits about me:

- Professional sewer crawler

- Huge Pogo, Modest Mouse, Foster the People, Red Vox, Mystery Skulls, and UMO enthusiast

- I also have a radio show with a friend at a local station


- My favorite song is Burning Stars by Mimicking Birds

- Super Mario Sunshine is the best 3d mario game

- I watch a dangerous amount of Vinny Vinesauce

- I like Pokemon, surprisingly Squirtle isn't my favorite, I prefer Ribombee


What a good boy!


oh  yeah and I never get off that soundodge grind, but you already know that

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Sunshine is a great game. On the list of favorites along with the really old Spongebob games for Wii and Gamecube/PS3


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