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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a weird one, almost sort of a return to form. While 'The Friends We Made Along the Way' was on the more simplistic and accessible side, these levels are much more difficult, gimmicky, and complex. I also had fun choosing a very diverse selection of songs with many artists I've never mapped before. Huge thanks to Guy & Zain for all the help with the development process. It wouldn't be the same without them! Guy's profile: https://soundodger-community.com/profile/42-guyyoudontknow/ Zain's Profile: https://soundodger-community.com/profile/28-zain/ Here's a little bit about the levels you'll be playing: Levels with an * will only work as intended in 30fps, 60fps is still possible but changes the level drastically The Woods - Fairly easy and simple intro level, also one of my personal favorite songs included Want Me (Lean Low Remix) - Slightly more abstract. You'll have to weave through plenty of intricate patterns to beat this one Bubblebee - Fast paced, but easy to learn. I don't normally listen to songs like this, but it had this charm that got me hooked Sparklers* - This level fueled my passion to finish this project. It doesn't do anything incredible, but it does open the door for many possible patterns Wicked Campaign - We need more modest mouse levels and it has become my civil duty to do so Dark Arts - You will probably suffer when you play this for the first time. You will probably hate the song. But as you play it more and more, you'll grow to like both (hopefully) and have an understanding for their madness Sweet Emotion - As the level progresses, so does your playing field. Sometimes you need to track your movements to know where you are in relation to the circle Would You Believe Me - Fairly chill, although it does have its moments. I never intended to make a level to this song but here we are today so may that be a lesson to all you non-believers Outré Lux (Phil Moffa Remix)* - Come and see the bouncing bubble extraordinaire! Possibly the strangest level I've made to this day Head On - I thought this was an appropriate way to say 'goodbye' for a while (with solo projects, I'll still be around), thanks for playing! And of course, thanks to all my friends and the community for taking me into their arms
  2. SamUL_A

    Variety Pack 2

    Version 1.0.0


    Re-uploaded by numerous requests, and for the poor souls that have to link the dropbox every time everyone asks for it This is NOT a remaster, nothing was changed from the original I can't remember exactly what I wrote on the original but I'm going to wing it anyway: Beep Block Skyway - 60fps machine broke Bloodstain - 'Beat this level, it's the easiest 1 pointer' Delta - If you need a whoopin' Final Drive - Midnight - I wish this was enough to make up for the Caravan Palace pack Love on Me - What if I was disguise other various levels as my own? Delightfully devilish, Samuel Spitting Venom - It wasn't always quite so bad Watching You - +2 bonus levels...
  3. SamUL_A

    Give me a song

  4. SamUL_A

    Ducksu Remix

    Glorious Ducksu
  5. SamUL_A

    finna *intro noise*

    I did an intro on the past forms and it was really long, but now that it's gone I don't feel like typing all that shit again so here we go... A few tidbits about me: - Professional sewer crawler - Huge Pogo, Modest Mouse, Foster the People, Red Vox, Mystery Skulls, and UMO enthusiast - I also have a radio show with a friend at a local station - My favorite song is Burning Stars by Mimicking Birds - Super Mario Sunshine is the best 3d mario game - I watch a dangerous amount of Vinny Vinesauce - I like Pokemon, surprisingly Squirtle isn't my favorite, I prefer Ribombee What a good boy! oh yeah and I never get off that soundodge grind, but you already know that
  6. Well done, thanks for playing! Your dedication means a lot to me!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    'The Real Pack was the Friends We Made Along the Way' is a commemorative project to thank everyone for the support over the years, like seriously, you guys are the best. I strayed away from my variety pack 2 style completely and went for a simpler, more refined design choice. Also, I got to mainly focus on my changing song preference by showcasing bands such as 'Bombay Bicycle Club' and 'Unknown Mortal Orchestra'. Special thanks to TSF and GuyYouDon'tKnow for playtesting this whole damn thing, they're the real heros I'll just cut to the chase here: Astral Projection - Intro, soft piano ballad by Vinny Vinesauce himself. Blossom - Revived from the grave, fast paced and fun, it wouldn't be a Sam pack without a Pogo song. Detritus Desert - Short and sweet, the first level finished for the pack back in October. Can't Keep Checking my Phone - interesting patterns for an interesting song, probably my favorite level in the pack. Soul on Fire - Another revival, not too bad once you succumb to the rhythm. Nerve Damage! - Another simple level, fast paced yet unique. I've had this song stuck in my head for about two months and counting. How I Roll - Very difficult level, many different styles were used to create my hardest challenge for everyone yet. Always Like This - Closing, a somber wave goodbye and a hug for playing my pack. +1 Bonus Level!!! (you will only regret playing it slightly) so good luck! Have fun!

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