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  1. atlaspack 2

    Black Ice - interesting patterns, did pull off the three enemies on one side pretty well. my only complaint is, right at the end, i could not see the hugs at all until i got hit for missing them, but that's not even a problem because they're basically free anyway. it was cool New Machines - i liked the consistency and all the additions to the main pattern, but it was really repetitive since it was basically one pattern for the whole level.. also the ending had some sync issues? Orange Dream - the quality of the levels really starts to pick up here. it goes all out on the effects and the patterns are much more extravagant and interesting than the previous two levels. i just wish it was longer, but that isn't your fault IV - this one was really nice. i loved the spinrates synced to the guitar string scratching sound (i dont know what to call that lol (but it was nice either way so that's besides the point)), thought those were creative.. it got a little hard to see in like the last quarter but other than that it had fun patterns and was overall a good experience Ghost - a really neat and difficult no-spinrate level. i'd recommend playing with visual effects on or else you will not be able to see the bubbles or linear shots, and you want to see them because they are really neat and difficult Screw Eyes - the color scheme was a bit odd but it fit the level really well. it had a bit more flicking through streams than i'd really want to see in a level but it's not a problem really. the rest of it was really fun and synced really well - the timewarps especially. for some reason i felt like i played this one before Decay - a nice and easy level, it felt like it flowed with the music really well and it also looked nice. it just got a little repetitive, especially towards the end, and in the bit where the spinrate stopped i think there should have been something synced to the melody instead of putting all of the bullets on the bass Pika - it was alright Psychic Chasms (Anoraak Remix) - this one is probably one of my favorite levels in this pack! the colors were really nice, the sync was pretty much perfect. there was like, one pattern i didn't like near the beginning with the fast and slow normal shots fired at the same time, but there was a clear way through it so this isn't even a valid complaint. also it kept itself fresh and interesting throughout the level despite having mostly the same sounds, which is good Static Space Lover - just as good as sam hyped it up to be. (even if that was mostly jokes) i loved what you guys did to make the patterns do what the lyrics said, that was really creative and fun. good level TL;DR - plenty of good, fun levels that were somewhat repetitive but short enough to not overstay their welcome. my favorite level was either ghost or static space lover.
  2. what up gmaers

  3. MDK - Sur la Wobble

    Version 1.0.0


    a level that's been sitting in my WIP folder for like 2 years or something lol it was originally meant to be just a test for me to experiment with timewarps, but then it ended up getting finished, so enjoy!
  4. Braadslee

    it pulled off 7 enemies pretty well, it's got like a mix of old and new styles in it and i'm really enjoying that for the most part it played like a main-game level but looked like a newer one - it was fun and looked good in other words it was pretty difficult (to me) but the song is somewhat short so it probably won't be making it onto the level list, but that's fine because that's only for very challenging levels (i wouldn't worry about that bit too much) - it felt fair yet still challenging enough to be fun also: you did a really good job at keeping the patterns varied, i don't think the level felt stale at any point which is great
  5. Heyo

    O N E O F U S
  6. P.SUS - Water Drop Boogie

    hey, this level's pretty nice. it's a pretty easy level (you don't see a lot of those anymore) with each pattern being generally pretty simple, with larger waves on the water droplet sounds to complicate them a bit. the color scheme worked really well - the light blues fit both the mood and the theme of the song. the problem i had with this level, though, is that sometimes it didn't really capture all of the energy of the song with its patterns - especially near the end. it makes up for the lack of energy within the patterns by adding some more decoration to the outside of the arena, though. what it doesn't have in terms of gameplay it makes up for in terms of appearance. if you're looking for a chill level with a cool song, i'd check this one out.
  7. atlaspack

    sorry for the wall of text but here it goes: an all-around an enjoyable experience! each level was different from the one before it and i recommend you play this pack if you want to play some chill levels. HOME - Intro - each sound in the song had its own pattern to it, and most of them were rather simple. later in the song though, the patterns overlapping each other led to a more challenging level that kept the same overall feel to it while not becoming overly cluttered or messy. (also just a side note but when i listen to the song i keep hearing the meow mix commercials. i may have just ruined this level for some people) Atlas Genius - 63 Days - the colors are what stood out to me most about this level - the dark bullet colors combined with the light lines almost pop right off the screen at you. the level also has a unique enemy layout which makes for some interesting patterns, which are all fun until the end to this level. i did not like this level's ending, but i'm sure that once you know it's coming you won't get hit by it a second time Jake Chudnow - Carlin Dream - a relaxing, samurai-esque auto level - just sit safely in the center and enjoy the patterns around you. this level was similar to Intro in that each sound had a pattern linked to it, and they all were layered on top of each other - instead of creating a challenge here, he created something that looked great and acted as a pretty visual of the song. i would suggest that, in the last two-thirds or so of the song, that it could have used some more bullets linked to the percussion to avoid the level becoming stale, but that could have caused some unnecessary clutter later on. so, overall i think this one was a nice relaxing change of pace that was really pretty to look at. Vexento - Staring at the Lights - this level reminded me very strongly of the main-game levels - particularly Forgotten Tea. i forgot what a good, minimalist, bean-styled level felt like after all of the new things everyone else was coming up with, so i found this one really charming and fun to play. C418 - Habitual Crush - this level looks and feels great - it's got some really neat visual effect patterns like multicolored waves and bubbles full of hearts, and the difficulty stays consistent throughout while also having fun and creative patterns that match the flow of the song very well. this level also is worth one point on the soundiscord level list, so to anyone who's interested in gaining points i'd highly recommend you play this one, it's fun. (also, if you're downloading the pack just for the points i'd recommend playing the other ones anyway, because i think you'd be missing out) ((also also this level is a collab with waterfelle, so shoutouts to her for making her part on this - although i am not sure who made what, i loved the whole thing)) Galantis - Firebird - even though this was the last level in the pack, nothing about this one really stood out as memorable to me. the patterns weren't bad, but this level didn't really do anything special either. it was fun but it wasn't really something i'd want to try and beat a second time. this is a pretty good level, it just didn't particularly stand out to me. y'all should check it out
  8. Mt. Eden - Air Walker (ft. Diva Ice)

    this is all-around an amazing level. the patterns are gorgeous and fit the song perfectly, the color scheme fit the song well, the gradients during the drop were beautiful, and most importantly it was fun to play. my only real criticism of it is that some parts of the drop were hard to react to, but once you know they're coming it's not a problem. you shouldn't sell yourself short saying you're only an "average" creator because this level is great
  9. Lena Raine - Resurrections

    Version 1.0.0


    hey, i love the hell out of celeste. so i made a level with my favorite song from its soundtrack. this level clocks in at a whopping 9 minutes and 38 seconds, so some serious endurance is needed to 100% this level. i'm surprised it took me this little time to build it! anyway, to whoever decides to play this, have fun and let me know what you think. enjoy! c:
  10. hello all

    i am a person who makes decent levels and is also too bad to play them. nice to meet y'all