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    Sam reaches a new creative peak on his latest pack. This pack is a fucking rollercoaster. I don't believe I'm the first person to admit that I was kind of dissapointed by Sam's last pack. Sure, it was a very fun, simplistic pack, but it didn't quite reach the creative highs that Sam is known for. Given the description of the pack, where it mentions that this release strays from the style presented there, I was pretty excited to see what Sam had to offer on this latest pack of his. Most of the levels in the front half of the pack are your standard Sam fare. Sometimes these levels do get a bit gimmicky, but these levels are usually very fun, very polished, but not too adventurous. In a way it does remind me of Sam's previous pack, but quite a bit more creative. And then you get into the latter half of the pack. And oh boy, the latter half of the pack is certainly something. Starting with Sparklers, and more or less going into Full Gimmick Mode from Sweet Emotion, the level of creative ideas in this pack ramps up very quickly. And these ideas are executed amazingly; to the point where some of these levels completely floored me. I think there are levels here that top the best moments of Variety Pack 2. The only real complaints I have were probably some of the inconsistencies in levels like Want Me, and the creative low points in the earlier levels of the pack. Still though, this absolutely does not prevent me from loving this pack as much as I do. I wholeheartedly recommend this thing to anyone thinking about trying it out. Decent to Strong 9 / 10 Favorite Levels: Outre Lux, Head On, Sweet Emotion, Would You Believe Me, Dark Arts, Bubblebee Least Favorite Level: Wicked Campaign Good job on this one, my dude.
  1. azure


    oh yeah, no money
  2. azure

    Shadrew - i am slep (Meganeko Remix)

    This just might be one of, if not Guy's best level yet. To start, this level is absolutely beautiful. I love the effects that are placed throughout the entire level. It might not have the underwater effect that Waved mentioned, but I still loved it. Plus, this level is really fun! Like, really fun! You can tell there's a lot of care put into the way this level is balanced. i didn't really expect anything less from Guy. There aren't really any flaws that poked out to me. And even though I do feel that Guy did compromise a little on this level, I still think this is a great level that's very much worth playing. Decent to Strong 8 / 10
  3. azure

    Crying - Wool in the Wash

    Guy made a level! For me! How sweet. This was a fun one. I thoroughly enjoyed playing through it, and I love how the level looks. I especially enjoy the noticeable progression in the decoration throughout the level, getting more intense as the song gets louder. Although, I did find a couple parts to be a tad underwhelming. I would like to express a worry I have though; which is that your levels might not be going anywhere in terms of quality. Not that they're bad; I just feel as if they might get stale after a while. Going forward I think you should probably do something you're not comfortable with at all, like an effect level or something. I think that's the boundary you still have yet to push through to become truly great. Either way, I really enjoyed this level! Although I would advise you to do something different in the future. Light to Decent DAMN. / 10
  4. azure

    Tourist - Wait

    Starf continues her usual bout of painfully mediocre levels. Except this time, a bit of unfair is mixed in for good measure. Going into this, I was expecting a level more entertaining, given the claims that the level was 2 or 3 pointer difficulty. This level is mind-numbingly repetitive. The song is only five minutes, but it felt like six or seven. But to add onto that, the level is painfully inconsistent in difficulty. There are unbearably empty parts, and then there are unbearably unfair parts. ...I really can't find what there is to like in this level. I guess we can only go up from here. Decent to Strong 2 / 10
  5. azure

    Valentine and 4AM - Us (ft. Naji)

    Septic's labor of love, Us, which has been in the works since August of last year, is finally out. But as much as I hate to say it, it's honestly quite a disappointment for a level that has been worked on for such a long time. This level just did too little. The gameplay in most of the verses just consists of normal 3-bullet spam. And in the chorus, it shifts to a lightning-fast, waved-based section. Despite the speed, it's just... very underwhelming. I really felt this level could have done so much more, given the song. But it was an improvement! And maybe that's all that matters in the end. I'm still looking forward to what Septic puts out from here. Light to Decent 5 / 10
  6. azure


    This is the first Waved level that I can recognize beyond being a Waved level. A major flaw I tend to find in Waved's levels is that they seem to be too inspired. That is, they lean too much on the works of other people. This is different. Of course, there is some visible influence, once you start comparing this level to things like CodeQuazar's recent release Summer of the Occult (which is also very impressive and is very much worth checking out). But this level is a standout because it's more of it's own, if that makes sense. I have my gripes about this level, but it was quite a fun ride, and I'm glad it got on the level list in the end. I'm looking forward to see if Waved can go even further. Light to Decent 8 / 10
  7. azure


    I have an opinion on Illusion's newest level. This is a level that is in equal parts unfair, effortless and boring. Let this sink in: there are only 3 unique bullet markers that are used in the level. Only 3. On top of that, I can't tell what anything is synced to, and what little gameplay there is is extremely unfun. You can't make a good level by any standard in 10 minutes. Please understand that. Decent to Strong Opinion / 10
  8. azure

    Fractal - Spection

    Waterfell and Waved's most recent collaboration is impressively captivating for a good portion of its runtime. This level is very fun; the patterns felt very good to navigate, and there's a clear effort being put into the timewarps. That's really where this level shines: the patterns, and how well the timewarps compliment them. The quality seems to fall off a noticeable bit during the second half, though, in which the gameplay is mostly just staying either in or very close to the center. Still though, I did enjoy it enough to recommend playing it, and even trying to beat it if you're patient enough. Light to Decent 7 / 10
  9. azure

    Bombay Bicycle Club - Carry Me

    Version 1.0.0


    It's How I Roll for people who don't want to listen to How I Roll
  10. azure


    Version 1.0.0


    These levels are good. But they're mostly subpar. Level pack contains: Superorganism - Everybody Wants To Be Famous C418 - Ample Time Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn That level pack is still coming, by the way. I'm setting the bar really high for it. Hopefully it gets actually finished.
  11. azure

    I Don't Like These Levels

    Version 1.0.0


    15 levels worth of either pure excitement or pure boredom. Of these levels: 9 have 8 enemies. 4 have songs by Washed Out. 7 use the color purple. 8 are labeled as 4 dots of difficulty, even though most of them probably aren't. 15 are painfully mediocre. Play at your own risk.
  12. azure

    Flume - Sleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)

    Starf's new level is more waiting for something to happen than it is playing a level. I shit you not, about a quarter of this level is staying in the center. And then when patterns actually do happen, they're just not very interesting or fun to navigate, either. At the very least, it looks nice, and the surrounding decoration is very organized. Yeah, I'm not hot on this one at all. It just feels like your typical 8 enemy level but significantly more boring. Light to Decent 3/10.
  13. azure

    High School Art Class

    The new Trauma Crew megacollab is good. But it isn't much beyond that. Don't get me wrong: this level certainly has its strong points. CodeQuazar's part was certainly a standout for me in particular. But much of the level felt... kind of draining, to be honest. I don't believe it really has staying power beyond the few standout parts. I don't see myself coming back to it anytime soon. Decent to Strong 6
  14. azure

    Seven Lions - Summer of the Occult

    This level is just amazing. Everything fits the song extremely well, the patterns are very meticulous, and the level was incredibly visually appealing as well. I feel like where this level really shines though, are the time warps. There's clearly a lot of effort put into them, and the speed of the bullets accentuate them perfectly. Please know, though, that before playing this level, that it does not appear to be made to be beaten. Thanks for making this!

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