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  1. Klimpt

    Panda Dance

    Right,this is your best level yet! Cool HYPER SPEED stream,that i wont realize,and so much things so good. Only bad things to me:Copy+Paste parts Try more harder now!
  2. Klimpt


    Im sorry,illu,but this...is just a spam of bubbles,and spikes. This is not a REAL level ;(
  3. Klimpt

    Karma (Klimpt Cut)

    Rah no review...
  4. Klimpt

    Angry People

    Firstly this level is very similar to "Dont Stop Me Now". Secondly,this level is like a better-version of Dont Stop Me Now. I liked the level because of this color scheme,pretty similar to Dont Stop Me Now too (dont stop me now everywhere xD),and this crazy start. But,things i dont liked so much was this long repetition part after the start. This level fight the taste of hardness,that make the level HARDEASY. Nice job,Waved,but please dont stop making levels!
  5. Klimpt

    Oliver - Snow Tape

    I hope this review wont hurt the Trauma Crew I have SOOO MUCH things to say on this collab,but i will mercy you by erasing the most of the non-important text. Firstly,this level is long as hell,and that make me enjoying!Secondly,this level most be the winner of featured,cuz a long collab,cool guys in it,just perfect.If i would make a n°1,i would say Dangerous (oliver remix) cuz this level has copy my imagination like a little plane,and paste it to the game . Things i like:i thonk everything Things i dont like:Some part need to be nerfed,cuz of the hardness of this level of 1 hour cuz 1 hour is pretty hard to stay,so nerf a little bit THANKS SO MUCH FOR DOING THAT,HOPE A NEW COLLAB WILL BE LIKE THAT!!!
  6. Klimpt

    Anapsys - The Last Transit of Venus

    Please,make real screenshots and not images ;-;
  7. Klimpt


    7 IS BETTER.
  8. Klimpt


  9. Klimpt

    Fractal - Spection

    This level has to be view in another way that "WOW JUS LEVEL WITH A NEME" no. Honestly,beautiful level,that is not unfair,but must be more finished. For Waterfell,the inside of his part is good. For Waved,the inside is a marry from calm and brute... You are a beautiful combo guys!
  10. Klimpt

    Waluigi Pinball Remix

    Honestly youre weird,but this is the best one enemy level yet Jus,why some heart on bubbles?
  11. Klimpt

    Autechre - Gantz Graf

    This is quiiite to crazy for me! Such a bunch of weird things happend here...but this level is crazy in many ways! This weird tons of hugs This weird tons of time warps Those bullet going only in one fancing direction This incredible bullets going at the speed of light So huh...yeah,this level is very crazy,maybe its a greyscale (lol Hoek) but yeam. Also huh this level is better than summer of the occult this level will be in featured,but summer of the occult will always be better! This level is still fun,and i hope more levels of yours are coming (no sense XD)
  12. Klimpt

    Autechre - Gantz Graf

    Virtual Self is next? Hum...Quazar,why did the binary code and the hex code cuz its binary,and hex means "Virtual Self is next"?
  13. Klimpt

    Level Requests

    I recommend [Phobos*] by Waved

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