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  1. Eliasbw444

    Death Grips - Birds

    In another language,the level means "leave" HEHEH No really,thats fucking creepy.
  2. Eliasbw444


    Bezel. Bezel with a B. B like beeutiful. SOO MUCH GOOD.The error bullet is my fav. bullet lul yu yused it! And the buggy part...OW MAW GAWD! And the start i was think some bullets would hurt but...nathin._.
  3. Eliasbw444

    Holy moly no ;-;

    My Switch controllers,my tablet and the PC of my sister HAS BEEN STOLED! I hate my life ;-;
  4. Eliasbw444


    Version Beta0.1.0


    Hey. I think this one is pretty bad,but i tought a "-advanced-" with the "adv="true"" would be fine! Its a reapeat,so the level will be a prototype. I mean,review before,and i will see if its so bad
  5. Eliasbw444

    The Ting Goes Running In 90s

    Try it out on Hyper Mode
  6. Eliasbw444


    Hoi i want a one menute song to use easily on a level. Thanks on advance if yu respond
  7. Eliasbw444

    SnoodDood - Heartbeat (warning - bad lvl)

    Well i have a file that is completely NOTHING ALREADY
  8. Eliasbw444


    Hoi. Thank you guys for responding that topic!!! Also i was about to make a level on "Lycantrophy" but the song was too long! If someone see a 1 minute song or something like that,i'd say thx to him!
  9. Eliasbw444

    Danimal Cannon & Zef - Chronos

    I dont have downloaded sorry,i will review on the video This level is very good,but there's one thing that (i know why you cant but i would have an idea how to do dat) you forget. in JSB you see the attacks coming with the rose-red before da atk.BUT NOT HERE! If u need help to do it,call to me!
  10. Eliasbw444

    Editor Tweaks

    OW and also can u make some "time warp" or "spin rate" tweaks? thanks
  11. Eliasbw444

    Soundodger Tips & Tricks

    just to say it,the thing changed.The "a" is now in place of the "e"
  12. Eliasbw444

    Editor Tweaks

    HOI! THX SO MUCH FOR DAT! But I want for christmas help,a lifespan editor if possible! If yes,i think the work of this would be amazing,if no,i would think that code something like that is pretty hard. Please respond if possible,thanks
  13. Eliasbw444

    Level Requests

    Wow. I wonder if you played the level of the S2 of the DLC. name:Nocturnal Wanderings. I know the song is weird,but say to me if you beat it without zen mode or cheat!!!
  14. Eliasbw444

    Haxton's Electronics Pack

    WHAT? What? What. I mean...what? SERIOUSLY THIS LEVELS ARE SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Feedback in a nutshell:good timing,good levels,good sync,bad .zip file,bad songs (not all of it,no worries) and that's it!

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