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  1. Level Pack of the Necrododger

    I almost thought to not make a review for this. When you have these many incredibly diverse levels in one pack you need to give 1 score, its never completely accurate. There are too many levels for me to go into full detail like i usually do so I'll probably just leave a score and say it was pretty good. Some levels are more questionable than others but if you like Necrodancer for the music or not, play this. Its worth the time and download.
  2. Give me a song

    I've been on a real shortage of songs to use for levels lately and I really liked the idea of the December contest where people got random songs to make levels of. So I'm going to let you comment with a song that you really like, but don't have any ideas for. I wont do rap or -core songs, and I'll only do a meme song if its a good meme song. I'll try to come up with something with most songs I'm given. Lately I've wanted to expand my musical taste so that's also part of this. Thanks!
  3. Seven Lions - Summer of the Occult

    At first, I was reluctant about it. But I now see why you have Great Creator. This is very outstanding. It's going to be difficult to find ways it could be improved. The first build up kinda seems a little lacking in volume? Like I said, I'm nitpicking so this could very well just be me. During the hug/bubble part with streams, there's this weird BUT OUTSTANDING singing noise that fades in and out, and there doesn't appear to be anything synced to it? And if there is, it's not very noticeable. Again, nitpicking. I found the last drop unreasonable compared to the rest of them. And I KNOW, the entire level is kinda meant to be unreasonable, but the others were at a similar level of unreasonably(?). Again again, nitpicking. This is a really fine level. Personally, I really appreciate the little amount of copy paste. It's noticeable and helps a level a long way. Super job. OH AND ANYONE, tell me if I'm going crazy but I swear that the part before the last drop samples or at least is inspired by this song (get to the middle about) https://youtu.be/i6OtF7daIPM alright
  4. High School Art Class

    Version 1.0.0


    this is it luigi
  5. Flume - Numb & Getting Colder (ft. Kučka)

    This certainly was a level. I kinda wrote my thoughts into these sections of what I found poor in the level. Here they are. Right at the start, you synced the streams to the first 4 or 5 pitch changes, but then completely ignored the others. I mentioned this with your preview so I at least hope you considered it. It's small but noticeable. Throughout the entire level, there's this weird thinking sound which you've synced to with this bubble/hug pattern *which is cool don't get me wrong* but it gets really stale when its the same pattern over and over. I feel like there could have been some cool variations that you missed here. I believe Manic mentioned this. The spin rate and more so the time warps are DEAD compared to the song. It's such a funky song and there's only so much you can do with bullets alone. I mean, its a whole two-thirds of the editor which looks like its been neglected, and it makes this feel lacklustre. A common pet peeve of mine, copy paste is kinda glaring in this level. I'm not going to say much about this rather than it feels kinda cheap when the "chorus" that plays is just a copy of the same one that played before. And it's not *great* copy paste either. On another note, there were some really nasty burst parts I did not enjoy in there. Overall, it was kinda meh for me. There were some cool ideas, but after the first minute or so it felt like you got more and more out of ideas for the song. I'm guessing some people may think differently, but it's my opinion. (Also whats up with that ending) Gotta be a 2.5 - 3 / 5 IMO
  6. Electronic Donkey Muscles

    Pretty decent. Some patterns were clever and well made. I'd say the main issue with this level was the inconsistency of difficulty. Everything after the bubble/hug part was so much more difficult than the first half. This was mainly due to some wacky speeds and general clutter in some spots. Apart from that, it was fun to play. Nothing really caught my eye as far as special goes, but that's not always needed. You made a good thing. I was pleasantly surprised. Good work.
  7. Ducksu Remix

    Glorious Ducksu
    the not jake chudnow one Decent I guess. Colours seemed strange but fine. I liked the concept of the first part and was fun to play around with. But the second part being the same thing with a few differences felt cheap to me. Also, you didn't add another shot when there were 2 drum beats instead of one, making me think you just copypasted it without checking. I also felt disappointed when the final part was just a copied first part. I feel like you could have done much more with it. Not a huge fan of this one. the jake chudnow one right off the bad this one felt like it should have been black bg but its fine the way it is i guess. This level was better, and you tried to keep it varied despite it being an incredibly repetitive song. Nothing really caught my eye about it, but nothing was really bad either. Pretty standard. (side note: its probably just me but those bubbles at the end were like almost invisible)
  8. Soundiscord Contest 5

    Download this you will enjoy yourself at the very least.
  9. of Montreal - Gronlandic Edit

    This is a pretty solid level. The song you chose is really good and the level you've made fits it well. You also managed to keep it somewhat interesting all the way through which sometimes your level have a lack of. There were only really 2 issues I had. I feel like you could have done something with the chorus rather than just straight up copy pasting. Like, you could have just kept it the same but changed a little bit, but it was still not extremely noticeable in the level so its minor. Also, there's were a few patterns at the end that seemed to unfair and difficult compared to the rest of the level. Most noticeably, the stream of linear/hug mash. Other than that this was a fun easy level to chill to. Thank you!
  10. Rocher's first songs

    So I played these levels since they are your first and decided to give feedback on them since I thought they were really innovative for first levels. (im going to comment on the colour schemes since I'm not even very good at them) Alright, let's go high above the land I assume that this is your first level ever, and as far as first levels go this is pretty decent. I noticed that you didn't abuse the copy/paste feature that I see a lot of new er creators do, so that was a pleasant surprise and kept the level varied. Some of the patterns were kind of unfair compared to the others, mainly the ones that included bubbles. Some sounds that sounded like they should be paired with a pattern just weren't. It would have been nice if you did do something, minor even to represent them in the level. Also, the time warps were really good in some places, nicely executed. But in others, they didn't make much sense and were in places I felt they shouldn't have been. Other than that, it was nice to look at and experience. I would be proud if this was my first level! make this right: wasn't a huge fan of this level. Some of the patterns were empty and questionable, and easy to cheat out of. I noticed that you neglected the drumbeat in some places while didn't in others, which was kind of inconsistent. The entire ending felt kinda weird and boring for me too. Also, I felt that you could have done something else at the start rather than repeat the same pattern like 4 times. On top of this all, I found the spin rate was ignored for most of it. Still pretty alright for a second level. warroir conterto this was alright. At the part after the beginning where the song picks up, the entire level felt a little too slow for the song. Also, there were some great time warp possibilities there that were neglected. The rest of the level was pretty alright. There were some more time warps missed but other than that it was pretty alright for a third level. canoN this was probably the best level in the pack. Some of the patterns were really smart for a fourth level, and the time warps were pretty on point. A complaint would be the inconsistency in difficulty throughout the level, which I thought was an issue. Other than that I could never imagine making this so early in playing the game. Good work! Ok, so that's all. I really enjoyed playing this considering it was early levels by you. I hope that you continue to use the editor since I feel like you could make something really cool one day. I'm gonna give you a 5 because even though the levels are lacking in most areas, it did a nice job in showing your abilities in the editor. Thank you
  11. Spellbound II - Vindsvept

    This was an interesting level. The main thing I noticed is that you didn't abuse the copy paste features as much as your other levels I've played. It was refreshing and I recommend anyone to absolutely play it. There is too much that I liked about this level so I'll just go to the stuff I thought you could improve on. The hug colours seem way to bright but that may just be me being colourblind. The part where the song picks up seems too fast for the overall pace of the song. I get that it's a very majestic part of the song, but it seems out of place. I think you just straight up forgot to add something in some bars near the end. Its just the drums on the side with nothing in the center which is an oversight, but kinda makes it feel less complete. The second half seemed harder than the first half, which is common for all creators but should be changed. Overall, pretty solid for how quickly you have seemed to improve. Glad to see that you're starting to learn more things you can to in the editor.
  12. Carpenter Brut - 347 Midnight Demons

    Play this level.
  13. I Do A Level Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    i made a level pack because everyone was doing level packs [lease enjoy and if you have feedback leave a hopefully good review yes thank you. huge thank to iffydsu, zoin, reventuli and crohn44 for playtesting Tracklist:
  14. MDK - Sur la Wobble

    Very nice. Unsure about the colours and sometimes the speeds don't match the energy of the song IMO but this is very nice with i do what a want 2