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  1. Waved

    Crying - Wool in the Wash

    had to high contrast this one This was pretty cool and good if I do say so. Almost everything seemed fair and doable. That being said, I noticed 2 things that seemed out of place in the level. Like every review, here they are. At a few points in the level, the speed of the bullets directed towards you seemed a little high for the song you used. I can't say much more than that or particular places, But I could probably point them out on a video. It's really easy to fix too. While the level was good for sure, it just seemed overall a little forgettable and lacklustre. This is always a vague thing and not easy to fix whatsoever, but is within you. I've seen it. Overall, pretty good job. Thank you for making and sharing this! I hope the person who suggested this song likes it as well.
  2. Waved


    there are so many collabs now adays. in this one you only have to do 1 minute or less. please do not join unless you have the intention or working and finishing a small part of a song. thank you https://discord.gg/vvWCH3F https://youtu.be/xLfm2nnCOpc song
  3. Waved

    Tourist - Wait

    Before I start, I just want to ask if you got inspired by "Run" at the start. Which would be super cool, since its the same artist. So this level was Ok in my opinion. I certainly don't think it was 2/10 stars, but it did have some flaws. I'll point them out. The hug/slow waves part is a little BS. I like the idea but things are a little too fast and not balanced. The super fast bubble part wasn't that fun and kinda came out of absolutely nowhere. Like the last one, I can't really elaborate because I can't really find any fixes other than removing it completely. Overall, this was actually really OK. Again, I don't think it was 2 stars at all, it just had some issues that were rather outstanding. The whole thing seemed kinda forgettable and kinda ehh, but none the less, you experimented and had a few new ideas, and that's always good to see. I think if you try to focus a little more on balancing patterns, and maybe taking a bit more time on making a level (I noticed you posted the XML maybe 3/4ths done about 2 hours before you shared this which seems a little quick considering you probably weren't nonstop playing), then I think you could do something even better. Fine job.
  4. Waved

    Tristam - Crave

    This sure was a cool level. I'm going to have to nitpick about criticisms here. Everything seemed fair and enjoyable. There were 3 things I could say to improve it even more, even though this is almost perfect. For me, this has been a recurring thing in your levels. Habitual crush, Air-Walker, and others. You tend to represent almost all lyrics with player aimed markers shooting from one enemy. I get that sometimes it can be hard to find ideas, but it gets a bit boring and old after a while. Again, I'm nitpicking and this isn't really implied on this level but more of a general thing that I finally said something about here. A level with this gimmick is kinda bound to have this issue. As the scoring circle grew, the difficulty seemed to climb big time. Which makes sense for a level like this, but would make it maybe a little longer to beat? Super small and maybe even wrong, but what I noticed none the less. You explained that "all levels don't need obtainable hearts", but I mean, its super unsatisfying unable to 100% + Heart a level. I think it's worth fixing in this version even. EDIT: You fixed it so you can ignore this one. So yeah, this is great. I'm happy to see people experimenting further with the game's little memes and going outside the comfort zone. Thank you.
  5. Waved

    Show Me Love

    Since it was so short I'm not going to leave a rating, just a comment. This was short and sweet. As far as the simplistic lyrics went, you matched them pretty well. Everything seemed on point. My only complaint would that the only spin rate in the level felt kinda wrong? There are absolutely no instruments here so what stuff that's not been synced to spin rates is then synced, it feels kinda off. But its kinda understandable since you needed to make it a little more interesting pattern-wise. Other than that, it's cool. Thank you for making this small little calm level to play!
  6. Waved

    Haxton's Electronics Pack

    These are pretty good for first levels! You show an understanding of the games editor and display some ideas of your own. Very nice.
  7. Waved

    Level Requests

    This is a truly epic level thatis highly regarded by many members. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7zp1xni9y9fyhdh/AAD6bfbB8sX3B7KVNyQsFHeoa?dl=0
  8. Waved

    Kozilek - BRNDN

    Played it. These are the things I thought you could improve upon with it, and my thoughts about the whole original level thing. Firstly, I saw that the beginning is just bullets with high offsets going around the arena. Now, this becomes a drag for people who try to beat this as they would have to sit through it all over and over when they get hit and restart. Its super fixable too by just making the bullets player aimed or something. Small, but impactful and important. More prominently, is that I noticed is that everything after the drop part seems significantly harder and less fair than the rest of the level. A mixture of speed and clutter. It's a common error that I see and it's somewhat hard to fix. My main thing with this perhaps is that I have no clue if this is meant to be a remake/remix of Ian's original level or a whole new original thing made by you. Its kinda suspended in this weird middle, where some parts are direct takes from the original, and others are different and not inspired by the original. And the direct colour copy also kinda leaves me confused. I'm not sure if I'm completely in love with that idea, but hey. You're the first person I've seen do this and I mean its a cool idea in writing. So yeah. This level was alright I guess, Nothing really caught my eye and it all seemed kinda forgettable. Not to mention some patterns were unfair and too fast (near the ending). But like I said this is the first example of this kind of project I've seen and I hope that people try it again sometime. I was really split between 5 or 6 stars but I'll give you 6 for the idea. Nice work.
  9. Waved

    Bombay Bicycle Club - Carry Me

    This is pretty good. I see you've fully gone with effects and I can also see you put a lot of effort into them. They looked nice and reflected the song well too. There were 3 things I noticed that I didn't like thought was worth mentioning. They aren't super major either so yeah. Don't panic. To start off I'm not completely sure about the difficulty. I would say its more a 6 than 5. Not a big deal, or a deal at all. Just something I noticed. Secondly, The time warps at the first lyrics felt way too hard and jumpy to match the song, as well as kinda making that whole part a little unfair. Lastly, I saw that in a lot of spots you didn't represent the drums with anything, and if you did it wasn't large enough to be super noticeable. I was a little troubled by this at times since the drums seemed like a somewhat major part of the song. Again, not a huge deal though. Overall this was pretty good and when asked, I would not say no to it being on the list. Good job. Side Note: So I guess you think my feedback is too negative? I don't know if people agree with this but if they do, then its a problem I should fix. While I personally don't agree with it, I want you to give me some examples where you think this statement applied to reviews after the start of the year. If you can't, then I assume it's not an issue and... yeah. Either way, there are less rude ways to bring to this attention. I take pride in being able to leave my opinions on levels and I need to know if I'm doing it incorrectly. Thanks.
  10. Waved


    This is a level that I noticed contained a few issues. I guess I need to remind people that this is my opinion so not everything is fact. I noticed at the beginning of the level that large amounts of quick noises played together are usually only synced with one big wave. This is a recurring theme throughout the level and to me, it's a poor design choice. It just feels wrong for the sounds and almost lazy. I also felt that the start had slow spin rates for the pace of the song at that time. Small, but noticeable. Building on to the last point, in my sweet opinion I feel there should have been time warp/spin rate spikes at some of the violin strikes. Its one of the main things that differentiate this song and I felt like it wasn't represented well. In certain spots throughout the level (like the start I mentioned) the spin rate feels too slow or left alone and neglected. This is a really happy fast paced song and the spin rate didn't match in a lot of spots for me. I noticed an inconsistency in difficulty where the first 3 fifths seemed a bit harder than the first. Mainly due to some unfair patterns, you copied a few times. It wasn't as much of a problem unlike other levels, but still. There's like this 5 second part near the end that's just side bullets and I'm thinking you forgot to put anything there?? (maybe because you said you made this in a day). Maybe it was intentional, I don't know. If it was intentional, it kinda looks poor and makes me think you missed it. And finally, right at the end, I feel like there should have been something synced the horn that repeats sometimes? It was a loud noise and nothing represented it. Whatever. It's fine. You know what I appreciate about this madly? The little amount of copy paste, Thank you. When you said you made it "in a day" I was worried that it would be a copy-paste fiesta like some other levels of yours but no, you surprised me. And I like it. But, overall I would say this level has sync, spinrate, and difficulty issues. As for the patterns themselves, they were pretty ok and only a few seemed super unfair. Some were even kinda neat. Good work!
  11. Waved


    everyone wanna be famous I noticed that the chorus which the homings as way too fast to be fair, and doesn't represent the lyrics well? I feel like there's more to it than going in circles to dodge homings. I'm also kinda bothered that you could only come up the 3 bullet normal spam and then a hug for all of the lyrics. It's not super gripping and it really easy to cheat. This just makes some parts super easy compared to others, like the chorus and the end. On top of all this, the level just doesn't really do much outside the norm and includes a little more copy paste then I would like. Seems forgettable and not a fan. APPLE time Had to turn on high contrast mode for this one. I liked the bubble/hug patterns inspired by Bloom but sometimes it felt a little too fast for the rest of the difficulty of the level. I really liked the originality of some of the patterns later on and you managed to not abuse copy paste too much like I sometimes see in your levels. I appreciate that. I'd say that this levels main issue is the inconsistency in difficulty. There are some patterns that are just so much easier than the others and don't fit. And most the ones that are difficult aren't exactly overly fun. None the less, it's a decent level. the last one I don't like to talk about colour schemes but I actually love these. It's so different from what I usually see and its a breath of fresh air. Hmmm. I know that first chorus is fast and all, but the bullets seem too fast to be enjoyable. The speed would be fine if the patterns weren't as hard as they are. I don't like that. Little thing here: the 3 bullet normal/hug pattern after the part after the first chorus that's too fast and gets covered by the streams leaving the arena. Small, but makes 100%ing more difficult. Again, I feel the speed is way too fast, but I can maybe forgive you some more since it's not just straight copy paste like a lot of new levels. It makes the level feel more effortful and I like it. I don't know if the burst ending is a meme or not, but I don't have to say it. It's not a good way to end your level. So yeah, I think this level's main issue is speed. But pattern wise, it's really good for what I've seen from you. Can't wait for the big level pack! that's a review.
  12. Waved

    Beautiful Now

    It shows that you made it "all in a day", and not in a good way. The starting sets the mood for the rest of the level. Cluttered, too fast, and not that fun to play Throughout the entire level, I noticed serious speed issues. I know its a fast song, but some speeds are just too fast to be fun, which gives it a major negative feel the entire time. This kinda builds into my next point, but the lyrics just represented by the same player aimed bullets felt old after a while and uninspired, which brings me to... the copy paste. It just makes the level seem more lazily put together, and is a common problem with newer creators. I get if you're stuck on ideas, but it makes all the difference even if you copy paste but then change a few details. It's not hard and doesn't take that much effort. Bummer Right before the drops in the buildups, it felt like you missed a lot of extra noises that were there, and felt a little underwhelming. Small, but noticeable. Sometimes, it just feels like you just threw bullets onto the screen for no reason other than to make it harder. If it's looking empty, then if they were on the sides it might be acceptable, but most of the time, it just felt like it didn't need to be there. All of this combined, contributed to me feeling poorly of this level. It just wasn't fun to play for serious or just for fun. I feel like with your experience in beating hard levels, you should know whats fair and fun and whats not. Whatever, at least it has a few good ideas, which are mostly neat. IT IS A step in the right direction, and I know you're a kinda new creator, so points for that I guess. It also looked nice most of the time which is always good. I'm sorry. Not a fan of this one at all.
  13. Waved


    Version 1.0.0


    video description tells all
  14. Waved

    Flume - Sleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)

    This is pretty alright level! I'm going to mention some things I didn't love that are, surprisingly all minor in the grand scale of things. The trill that repeats throughout the entire level is cool, but it kinda leaves a little early to give people nothing to dodge. It's kind of a small deet, but makes that part where there is lots of noise and nothing to dodge kinda off. It can be fixed real easily with some Grade A XML Fuckery with the homings, or another stream altogether. On the topic of the trill, I feel like you could have done something other than just homings, but eh it doesn't really matter too much. There are these 2 patterns that I found real unfair. The first one was at the end of the voice glitch part, and the other in the second buildup. Just little edits would fix them. And finally, a problem I'm seeing more and more all the time (even in my own levels) is that I found the second half considerably harder than the first half. There isn't really an easy fix to it, it's just good to be mindful. So yeah this level was pretty good. A majority of the things I mentioned were pretty minor and fixable, and it was alright to play. I will say it wasn't extremely memorable, but that's hard to do and just comes with practice. Good work.
  15. Waved

    Level Pack of the Necrododger

    I almost thought to not make a review for this. When you have these many incredibly diverse levels in one pack you need to give 1 score, its never completely accurate. There are too many levels for me to go into full detail like i usually do so I'll probably just leave a score and say it was pretty good. Some levels are more questionable than others but if you like Necrodancer for the music or not, play this. Its worth the time and download.