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  1. Waved

    Angry People

    Version 1.0.0


    Was going to be in my level pack but it didn't fit the theme. My largest level yet at 535 KB.
  2. Waved

    Anapsys - The Last Transit of Venus

    Hey, that's pretty cool. Visually, its very fitting of the song in terms of theme and colours. The yellow score circle is kinda gross but I understand that's what was needed to have the hug gimmick you used. I kinda wish you had gone deeper into that gimmick but it is a short song so I guess I can't blame you. The latter patterns were pretty fun despite being kind of scary at first glance. I was worried that it would be unfair with the speed of it all but it was pretty manageable. While I will say there wasn't anything outrageously cool about some of the parts, you did a fine job on this, especially since it was only 2 minutes long. Thank you.
  3. Waved


    This was a neat idea. Coupled with the weird song it does an interesting job at syncing to the song. Colour scheme is kinda hard to see with but fits the song pretty well. Also, some patterns were pretty creative and neat to see. However, there were a few problems. Even with high contrast mode, some patterns were kind of ridiculous. Because of both clutter and speed (mostly speed), a lot of the patterns (especially in the second half) I found very unfair and not too fun. Also, there wasn't anything crazy about the level either, but that's not needed here. But hey, overall this was better than your latest levels and was something new. Thank you!
  4. How did you make this cover photo 🤔

  5. Waved

    Don't Stop Me Now

    Version 1.0.0


    video blocked everywhere as fuck and dropbox hard to get when it be like that so uploading here. Helpful reviews appreciated!
  6. Waved

    Death Grips - Birds

    The entire level kinda feels like it suffers from what that The White Stripes level of yours did. It's just too fast and crowded to be fun most of the time, and the timewarps didn't help that. I think everything I mentioned there is present here, it's unfun in a lot of spots and kind of uninteresting. Sorry, I didn't like this one either. At least there is a little more creativity with patterns and time warps.
  7. Waved


    You need to take more than 15 minutes when making a level. What you've made so far is usually grossly unfinished, randomly unfair, and unstructured. It's obvious you dont put thought nor time into any of it. You need to actually play some good levels first, to how to do it. Go play some of the higher rated levels on this website and take the time to learn how to improve. You won't become super good super fast, but its a start. You can really only get better.
  8. Waved


    This was another well put together level from you. The time warps were on point and you managed to keep the level minimalistic but not cluttered. I know it's hard to keep an easy level interesting, and it felt a little boring after a while but was still pretty good in most places. Some of the super time warp places are kinda harder in comparison to the rest of the level as well. Overall, while the level wasn't super interesting it certainly was pretty good, and it displays your style well. Good job.
  9. Waved

    atlaspack 3

    Well, I think you summed this up pretty well in your text file. I can totally relate to levels becoming hard to keep interesting and different when all in a massive level pack. To state the obvious, most of the levels suffered from being unfair, repetitive, or just uninteresting in general. It's a shame because I've seen it and know you can do better. For what it's worth, I made scores of each level below if you were curious at all. Good luck with your next project. You have the ideas, now put them into action. Good luck
  10. Waved

    slowing down

    This is an improvement! The overall energy matched the song well and you seemed to be able to think of neat patterns. Excellent! I thought the colour scheme seemed kinda eh? It was kinda all over the place but you shouldn't take this one too seriously since I am partially colourblind. The other thing was that you made the player stay in the middle for a prolonged amount of time way too much, especially with the energy of the song, but this is easy to fix. Since this is like a 3rd level, I can't give you a hard time for it being kinda uninteresting during most parts, this was a very good early level by you and I wish you luck on your next level.
  11. Waved


    For a second level, this is rather advanced. Not in a hard way but a technical way, and that's good. It does have its issues that most new creators face. Mostly high speeds and big waves when they are too hard to dodge/shouldn't be there. As well as lots of sounds I heard that weren't synced to anything when they should have been, but you dont have to worry about that, or making it fun any time soon. You're learning. I would say that if you just keep at it, and trying new things you'll naturally get better and better, like (almost) everyone. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with!
  12. Waved

    As Long As We Dance

    I agree that this is better than your previous levels. You showed a better understanding of how to make a level and it was pretty decent. I noticed a few issues though to improve upon. Throughout the entire thing, there are some streams and waves that are unfair, even on a second playthrough (which I did). I think this was mostly due to too much speed (especially to some streams), and would be really easy to fix. This kinda builds onto my next point on how the energy of this level was slightly out of wack for me. Some parts seemed sluggish, while others were maybe just a little too eager (there was also this one part where the time warp goes to 0 even though the song is crazy at that point. I dont get that). As for some patterns being confusing, an example would be the pattern that you use for the first 2 drops. I get how it works it just, seems so much less consistent than the rest of the level. BUT! This was a massive improvement and I'm glad you're getting used to the editor. I would suggest maybe getting a person to playtest your levels maybe. And that's all. Good work.
  13. Waved


    This level was super fitting. The quiet parts weren't too cluttered, the buildups were exciting, and the loud parts were very intricate and neat. However... It's inconsistent. You must know this game is bad at consistency, and when you have streams with 90 to 90 offsets that don't hit the player on your screen, on other people's it might play out differently to account for lag and just how their PC handles the game. In my case, I got hit twice by these streams during my first playthrough. I played again and made sure I was in the exact middle and got hit by 3 totally different streams. This illustrates how Soundodger works differently for everyone and why those streams don't work. Besides that, this was very good. And hey! This is easy to fix. Just dont have those streams that cross the arena. Good level.
  14. Waved


    I assume this is your first level? It's pretty standard for that and suffers from what most new levels to do. The colours are kinda questionable, the gameplay not very fun, and overall energy lacking. BUT, this leaves lots of room for improvement and you have some good ideas, so maybe tone down the speeds to start off. Like I said you have an understanding of how the game works so I'm waiting to see what you do next.
  15. Waved

    Savant - Spacewolfe (Demo)

    This was ok. There were some things that I noticed you could fix. The overall energy of the level seems off. From timewarps to bullet speed, some parts feel right while others feel sluggish compared to the song. I think you need to tone down the amount and size of bursts in your levels. In all the instances I've played they have been a major weakness of them and it's easy to think of much fairer alternatives. The bubble/hug bursts sections were cool but totally unfair and not fun to play. I see all these enemies, and yet I only see like 5 of them used except for the very end! I saw a lot of enemy 1 spamming and usually not using much. This is really more of a personal thing, but when I see a level with 24 enemies I expect them to be used for something, whether it be effects or bullets. And you actually DID use effects at the very end, but it would have been cooler to see them throughout the entire thing! You are improving however, so good work. This was an improvement.

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