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  1. Hoek


    I agree on what Waved said. A few more tips : You should, in addition to playing high rated levels, look up in the editor how they are made (some can make you lag a F lot). I never did that to improve, but you can try it I guess. Wait to have a good song or idea. Most of your levels are pretty bland and sh**y because, in my opinion, spamming the songs you like (some of them were even complete bullshit) into levels with 3 copypasted bullet markers isn't a good way to make gr8 levels. (I don't say you do that, that's just what your level gives as a impression... :/) Be creative, dedicate yourself. If you run out of ideas for a level, you can just put them aside for a moment and come back to them when you have inspiration again. That's what I do. /!\ WARNING : This can lead you to a whole f***ing lot of unfinished levels, so be careful. That's pretty much what I had to say. Sorry if it was harsh, but you still have road until the perfect level - says the weirdo named Hoek who released only three down-average levels made with the **s. Hope it will be helpful to you. btw Newgrounds is down right now
  2. Hoek

    s1 Levels.

    God damn I didn't know there would be a s4 Noice. This made my day
  3. Hoek

    s1 Levels.

    What's the s1 you talk so much about ?
  4. Hoek

    Where's BRNDN by Ian Weston ?

    Are there people who know where to find Ian Weston's levels (packs apart) ?
  5. Hoek

    Where's BRNDN by Ian Weston ?

    Thanks waterfell !
  6. Hi everybuddy, Can someone provide me the level "BRNDN" by Ian Weston and btw tell me where I can find their files ? Has they quit or something like that ? Thanks !
  7. Hoek


    Hi DynamicRed, Please consider fixing your file since it's an html file. All i have is a html page as shown in the picture.
  8. Hoek

    Savant - Spacewolfe (Demo)



    Here, new level. This one started in July, I was planning it as my most original level, but I got lazy after 1 week working on it (plus it was very buggy). I retook and continued it in August until today. Now this level is done and you should go play it ! k bye. This level was a bit rushed tbh
  9. Hoek

    Give me a song

    In fact Send the pain on isnt free, sorry
  10. Hoek

    Who wanna join my collab,Annihilate?

    Hi Eliasbw444, In fact for personal reasons i can't msg with steam. Is it ok with Soundodger messages ?
  11. Hoek

    Soundodger Tips & Tricks

    You have to add it to the metadata tag.
  12. Hoek

    Autechre - Gantz Graf

    Wow. A level which at the same time gives eye cancer and is visually stunning is pretty rare, ngl. Gameplay : I don't think we need to talk about this one, right ? I guess the level wasn't designed to be possible so I won't talk much about it. Visuals were like "OH MY GOD WTF IS THIS COOOL OH MY EYES XBLMCMCIUCCBLH YCVLXXV SO NOIIIIIIIIIIICE C WTF AGAINNNNNNNNN". I thinks this resumes well everything. Seriously, as I said previously, this level was nuts to look at, but at the same time amazing : at each end of one pattern i was like "What genius thing is going to pop out next" and i never got disappointed. The thing I'll remember the most from this level is the sniper rifle thingys that looked like >>>>>>>>>>>> and stayed at the screen for a few seconds. They create a nice ambiance of randomness. Colors : not much to say, it's grayscale. Awesome work. ok bye
  13. Hoek

    Give me a song

    Love Vaporwave This one too ! (plus this is a free track) Hope you turn this as a level !
  14. Hoek

    Who wanna join my collab,Annihilate?

    Hey ! I wanna join I guess N O D I S C O R D : /
  15. Hoek

    Idealism - Winter Bokeh


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