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  1. Hoek

    Total Football

    Hey lasauce (Vsauce), your level was pretty decent for a first one ! Colors : they were pretty good, vibrant and all, I expect more palettes like this in the game. Gameplay was okay ; It was consistent (even a bit too much, and I don't say that often), tough i think it was a bit repetitive. Plus 2 - 3 patterns were like a bit unfair and annoying, but overall it was decent. Some of them like the N E V E R E N D I N G stream patterns and all. Effects : noice but the heart bullets were a bit ugly and broke the flash effects. Just fix it by changing the amount to 0 in the code of the level. Overall good first level ! Looking forward for moar levels.
  2. Hoek

    Give me a song

    Love Vaporwave This one too ! (plus this is a free track) Hope you turn this as a level !
  3. Hoek

    Who wanna join my collab,Annihilate?

    Hey ! I wanna join I guess N O D I S C O R D : /
  4. Hoek

    Idealism - Winter Bokeh

  5. Hoek

    Idealism - Winter Bokeh

  6. Hoek

    Spiral Of Ants

    Hey, thats a waved level. Jokes apart, this level was visually stunning ; the gameplay was creative - like always with waved cuzyea thats a waved level, but I wish it was a bit more fun :]. The color scheme was a weak ok for me : i'm not a fan of green-white, but i guess that's subjective... Overall Gr8 level and y am I even reviewing a waved level, Pls keep on doing levels, I like them. - Hoek
  7. Hoek


    Oh thats a thing i guess
  8. Hoek

    Somebody explain me this pls

    It works ! Thanks ! btw its not "n/a" but "NaN".
  9. Hoek

    Editor Tweaks

    NOICE !
  10. Hoek

    Somebody explain me this pls

    What do you mean I can't switch it back ?
  11. Can somebody explain me this so I can understand it and see if I can reproduce it on some levels... This glitch does not happen everytime, thus it happens only with that level. With the xml file + song + image LemKuuja - Envie Interlude.xml LemKuuja - Envie Interlude.mp3
  12. Hoek

    Let Morning Shine - Tommy '86

    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a sun-themed level. It was fun to do it ! Go download it and don't forget to leave what you thought about it !
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Here's my first level for you guys. Please leave me what you thought about it ! This is an black-bullet level, it fitted better the song's ambiance. RIP low detail users
  14. Hoek

    Masayoshi Minoshima - Bad Apple

    Welp, this is definitely not a fun level. - Patterns : A LOT of them are annoying, since the bullets are way too fast for the precision they require (only one slow part). They aren't appealing either : for example, the burst shoots are all of equal speed, and the evenly spaced normal shoots weren't enough open, which personally gives me eye cancer. Just add more variation and decrease the speed. - Colors and effects : The color scheme isn't colorful, since this is black only. Animited could have added more variation, like at least grey tones, even if subtle. After that said, this is Animited's first level, so yeah. My first level was even worse. I even admire the courage he had to finish this level : My first one isn't even finished lol. Improve a little and you'll be able to do great stuff. Also this is not hate i send, but an objective review.
  15. Hoek

    Chipzel - Courtesy (Super Hexagon)

    As ToiR said this level is pretty bland, tough i think this is a really good idea to recreate Super Hexagon in Soundodger+. It is even more cool that he made a "plain background", because the circles going out of the playable zone would have break the ambiance of the level. The only problem with me is the difficulty : sorry, but i find the gameplay boring and too easy... Even with that the level is REALLY okay, so you should go download and play it ! (I cannot really do a full review, since majority of the few problems were already pointed out in the level's description. I find really nice to do a recreation and to push the limits of the game.) sry for bad english

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