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  1. DragoE


    Version 1.0.0


    Wanted to make an level easier than the last but accidentally made it harder. Oh Well. A good challenge for anyone who wants it. I experimented with patterns more and put a lot of effort into it. (Don't expect something S3 grade tho.) Enjoy
  2. DragoE

    Toby Fox - Last Goodbye

    Jesus, does no one make easy levels? In all seriousness this was pretty fun despite getting hit every 5 seconds. I'm kinda new so I don't really know what's a good level and whats not, but I found it enjoyable.
  3. DragoE

    Magic Touch

    Way too hard for me, but I dig it.
  4. DragoE

    Dark Dragon Fire

    Version 1.0.0


    My first level uploaded to this site and my first level that didn't take 5 minutes to make and actually contained patterns and stuff. Constructive criticism is appreciated, I'd like to know what I could do better for my next level. Also may of made it too hard. Oh well.

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