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  1. SeeBeyond

    Please help!

    This happens sometimes. There's nothing you can do now but for the future, backup your Soundodger progress file just in case.
  2. SeeBeyond

    s1 Levels.

    I'm totally hyped for s4 (I was joking there is no plans for s4). Just so you know user Waved already made a level with TIme Leaper, and it has already been featured in the official s3 DLC pack.
  3. SeeBeyond

    Somebody explain me this pls

    Once the enemy is moved to the center, it cannot be moved back on the outside
  4. SeeBeyond

    Editor Tweaks

    Hey all. I have created a patch file that tweaks your editor so you don't need to XML as much. The file is attached to this post Expanded sliders More enemies Negative speeds Amount minimum set to 0 Video: EditorPlusPatch.zip
  5. SeeBeyond

    Somebody explain me this pls

    Center enemy bug. Set spinrate to "NaN" when you want to do it But know that you can't switch it back once you've done it
  6. I've been meaning to make this post for a while but things are taking too long. So I'll split it in 2 and start with the obvious changes Updates Temporarily switched to s.ound.party domain. Domain will soon switch back Site is now running on dedicated VPS Increased upload size Fixed some bugs Added 5 new reactions News Buncha people did it to em Person that did it to em is gonna get done to, in jail. Stuff happened Despacito Check out my Editor Tweaks tutorial on my YouTube Channel Maybe there's no point in the news part of News and Updates Twitter really does a better job of doing this Just go look at Twitter
  7. SeeBeyond

    bóg się rodzi

    Version 1.0.0


    Originaly posted on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 1:32:56 AM GMT by Bluearcher156 and reuploaded by SeeBeyond Bóg się rodzi, Or "God is Born" in polish, is a Polish Christmas song, Adapted into a Peace and War theme for Poland in Civilization Five by Geoff Knorr. This level is the War variation, This is also my first complete level, so go a bit easy on me.
  8. SeeBeyond


    Hello and welcome!
  9. SeeBeyond


  10. SeeBeyond


    Hi there welcome to the Soundodger Community!
  11. SeeBeyond

    Despacito II

    Wouldn't it be Dospasito or Despacitwo?
  12. SeeBeyond


  13. SeeBeyond

    Toby Fox - Last Goodbye

    Version 1.0.0


    Last Goodbye by user "3mp1r3" (Empire) "Did you mean Sand Undertale?"
  14. SeeBeyond

    Open Hour

    Version 1.0.0


    Open Hour by user "Act III"

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