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  2. MDK - Sur la Wobble

    Very nice. Unsure about the colours and sometimes the speeds don't match the energy of the song IMO but this is very nice with i do what a want 2
  3. MDK - Sur la Wobble

    Version 1.0.0


    a level that's been sitting in my WIP folder for like 2 years or something lol it was originally meant to be just a test for me to experiment with timewarps, but then it ended up getting finished, so enjoy!
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  6. Well done, thanks for playing! Your dedication means a lot to me!
  7. Justice - Valentine

    Pretty chill levem you have here. Colours seem pretty spot on, and it has proper energy throughout for the most part. I noticed some difficulty in inconsistencies but they weren't anything major. I was also kinda bothered by repeated patterns, buy I suppose that that helps make the level easier to learn. Overall, very nice.
  8. Justice - Valentine

    Version 1.0.0


    I was making a valentine's day level but I accidentally finished it a week late haha whoops
  9. Heyo

    Thanks Thanks, I will...at some point. Yup
  10. Virtual Riot - Buttonmasher



    this is the second level that i have ever finished not sure what else to say here
  11. Heyo

    Welcome to the cult community! Check out some of the awesome custom levels
  12. Braadslee

    it pulled off 7 enemies pretty well, it's got like a mix of old and new styles in it and i'm really enjoying that for the most part it played like a main-game level but looked like a newer one - it was fun and looked good in other words it was pretty difficult (to me) but the song is somewhat short so it probably won't be making it onto the level list, but that's fine because that's only for very challenging levels (i wouldn't worry about that bit too much) - it felt fair yet still challenging enough to be fun also: you did a really good job at keeping the patterns varied, i don't think the level felt stale at any point which is great
  13. Heyo

    welcome to the club
  14. Heyo

    O N E O F U S
  15. Heyo

    Sup I bought this game on Christmas sale lol. This game is very rage-inducing, even though I basically just started playing this. And yeah, I am not very good yet. Krazyman50 is the one who originally got my attention to this game, about year or two ago. It took me this long to actually buy it and play it. I hope that 2€ was worth it. Or whatever it was on sale. About that much.
  16. Koraii - Slumber

    Version 1.0.1


    heck i guess i'll post this here the first level i ever released, and currently the only one i have ever released (although that is soon to change) originally released 2017/5/20 between then and now, the artist changed their name, so yeah also, hi
  17. A

  18. Celsius Level Pack II

    Version 1.0.0


    Oh, look at that, another level pack by CelsiusAlpha! Let's throw around random opinions!
  19. Celsius Level Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    Oh hey, it's my first level pack, that's pretty neat (not really). Enjoy! (if you possibly can).
  20. Braadslee

    Version 1.0.0


    I'm proud of how this turned out- I hope you enjoy it, too- maybe. Not too hard of a level.
  21. Earlier
    You know as soon as I saw this I was like "I gotta play this" like everyone else ever, but there are some things I noticed that I didn't like. P,lease don't kill me everyone who is reading this. Yall know this is just my opinion, right? This is how I roll demo remix . It's pretty fun, but I'm not a fan of the drop being the same player aimed bubble waves each time. I feel like you could have done some other really fun things with it. Also, the waves that show up for like, a second seem really pointless? I don't know about those. Other than that, really top notch. Cool to see you use Blu effects in a level. Blossom OMB99. Fun easy level to do. Not too much to say about it. Everything is pretty spot on here. The time warp near the end is kinda harsh for the difficulty of the rest of the level. Astral Projection This level calms me down. It's nice and short. Not much to say about it either. The hug pattern is kinda overused in the level? I don't know. Still, I like it Soul on fire Ok so I don't like this level as much as everyone else apparently. This amount of copy and paste in this level is kind of bizarre for me. I get that it's a repetitive song, but I would have expected at least 1 new set of patterns for the chorus.At least you kinda(?) changed it up on the second chorus. However, the second half pulls through. It's very nice and relaxing. always like this this is is a motherfucking level. Everything about it I like except for maybe the colours. I've never seen any like them before but I'm not sure how well they fit this song. Something about this level just makes it so much fun to play. Perhaps the little amounts of copy/paste. Really good job. nerve damage Pretty noice. There's not really anything bad about it. For the difficulty, it's also very fun to play. Unsure about these colours though. Could be the best overall level in the pack. cant keep checking my phonics This is pretty fun. Colours on point and you made use of all the enemies in some way. Again, I think you may have used a little too much copy paste for the choruses. But its GOOD copy/paste so it's less annoying i guess. Very adequate level. the desert one Short but very nice.This is really fun to play for some reason, Maybe because it looks really hard but in truth easy and I can get an ounce of satisfaction out of my skills at this game, Who knows. jacohbus reading pokefanfics one for the books I tell you. so all those things I didn't like, Does that mean the pack is garbage? no. it does not. I only really mentioned the things I didn't like, mainly because the good things are all the same for each level and its super helpful. This pack was very fun to play for the most part and probably is going to get at least one from it on the list. There is one thing though, the reason I kind of made this review. For me, it just lacks this special thing that made Variety Pack 2 contain some of my favourite levels. I can't really put my thumb on it but like, its what made Bloodstain, Delta and others have that extra thing that set them apart from the rest of the "Great Levels". (at least you didn't go overboard with homings like Furret told you last time) I'm sorry I can't elaborate on that more, its weird. Anyways if anyone is still reading please play this pack it is very good you will enjoy yourself.
  22. P.SUS - Water Drop Boogie

  23. Version 1.0.0


    'The Real Pack was the Friends We Made Along the Way' is a commemorative project to thank everyone for the support over the years, like seriously, you guys are the best. I strayed away from my variety pack 2 style completely and went for a simpler, more refined design choice. Also, I got to mainly focus on my changing song preference by showcasing bands such as 'Bombay Bicycle Club' and 'Unknown Mortal Orchestra'. Special thanks to TSF and GuyYouDon'tKnow for playtesting this whole damn thing, they're the real heros I'll just cut to the chase here: Astral Projection - Intro, soft piano ballad by Vinny Vinesauce himself. Blossom - Revived from the grave, fast paced and fun, it wouldn't be a Sam pack without a Pogo song. Detritus Desert - Short and sweet, the first level finished for the pack back in October. Can't Keep Checking my Phone - interesting patterns for an interesting song, probably my favorite level in the pack. Soul on Fire - Another revival, not too bad once you succumb to the rhythm. Nerve Damage! - Another simple level, fast paced yet unique. I've had this song stuck in my head for about two months and counting. How I Roll - Very difficult level, many different styles were used to create my hardest challenge for everyone yet. Always Like This - Closing, a somber wave goodbye and a hug for playing my pack. +1 Bonus Level!!! (you will only regret playing it slightly) so good luck! Have fun!
  24. P.SUS - Water Drop Boogie

    hey, this level's pretty nice. it's a pretty easy level (you don't see a lot of those anymore) with each pattern being generally pretty simple, with larger waves on the water droplet sounds to complicate them a bit. the color scheme worked really well - the light blues fit both the mood and the theme of the song. the problem i had with this level, though, is that sometimes it didn't really capture all of the energy of the song with its patterns - especially near the end. it makes up for the lack of energy within the patterns by adding some more decoration to the outside of the arena, though. what it doesn't have in terms of gameplay it makes up for in terms of appearance. if you're looking for a chill level with a cool song, i'd check this one out.
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