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  3. Gavla's Throwback Pack+

    Version 🎵


    This is a level pack of my creations made during 2014-2018. There is currently 10 Levels inside. Sadly, any levels before 2014, such as this or this, have not been recovered. Song list: Savant - Wild Ganja (New) Infected Mushroom - Kipod (New) Savant - Syko (Shortened) ♦ Virtual Riot - One For All, All For One (Collab)(Video) ♦ Flying Lotus - Never Catch me (Shortened)(Video) ♦ Masta Mic - Feel So Good (Shortened)(Video) ♦ SORA & Oneira - Sidewalk (Video) Sonotherapy - Lloviznando ♦ Rig - 7 Nation Army [EOTL Trailer Edit] ♦ Drake - Trophies (Shortened)♦ ♦ = Featured in Soundodger Sunday
  4. Level Pack of the Necrododger

    I almost thought to not make a review for this. When you have these many incredibly diverse levels in one pack you need to give 1 score, its never completely accurate. There are too many levels for me to go into full detail like i usually do so I'll probably just leave a score and say it was pretty good. Some levels are more questionable than others but if you like Necrodancer for the music or not, play this. Its worth the time and download.
  5. Infected Mushroom - Kipod

    Version ♣.♠.♥.


    Hi. It's me. Gavla. Also known as Tape Almightious on Youtube or bbkidk1 on Steam or ManSpreading on Twitch. I just thought I'd come by and drop a couple of levels here later. (They'll all have my old aliases.) Today's custom Soundodger+ level is a collaboration that was just completed today by Waved and I. [STORY TIME] I started this level around August 2015 and, just like with most of my creations, didn't bother to touch it after I did what was in my mind at the time. I quickly lost creativity but I really liked the song. So I decided so ask in Soundiscord+ with a video (Boneless Preview) and Waved decided to help out. I hope you enjoyed my story please leave a like and a comment in the description box below! Peace out✌️ [BED TIME] Length: 7:01 also here's a comment by Waved. Waved's Comment: I really dropped the ball on this one. I took on this task in March 2017 and kinda just forgot about it until now. Like I did with Waterfell and Spection, I'm cleaning up the old XML's and finishing them. This level is interesting. Since I think Gavla made even before March 2017, It's so well preserved that it retains a lot of styles and ideas that you saw in older levels from before mid-2016. I didn't exactly want to mess this up by introducing the kinds of stuff you see today, so I decided to try to mimic the stuff from when the game was newer than it is now. So with that, I tell you that if you've been playing this game for much longer than I have, play this and try to see where I was going with it. It could be perhaps one of the last "new-old levels"
  6. Give me a song

    P much any song from this awesome album. This is a personal fav
  7. Give me a song

  8. Give me a song

    If you decide to do this but can't get a download I can provide you with an mp3
  9. Give me a song

    I've been on a real shortage of songs to use for levels lately and I really liked the idea of the December contest where people got random songs to make levels of. So I'm going to let you comment with a song that you really like, but don't have any ideas for. I wont do rap or -core songs, and I'll only do a meme song if its a good meme song. I'll try to come up with something with most songs I'm given. Lately I've wanted to expand my musical taste so that's also part of this. Thanks!
  10. Seth's Level Pack 1

    Version 1.0.0


    The very first level pack ever created- Made in like, April 2014 or something, This pack features just.. random songs. Some songs like "beast", "seths" and "untitled" were made by Sonicspin- Don't ask, I don't remember why I had him make those. Level list: -80's Getaway -Infinity -Ash -Beast -That song that plays when you are flying in GTA 5 -Sleigh Race -Nights -Pepper Steak -Seths -Trance Dubstep (Totally didn't decide to use the youtube to mp3 site on the video of the soundodger level because i couldn't find the song..) -Untitled Possibly the worst level pack you'll ever play! Have fun.
  11. førget - hell



    disclaimer: song may be loud depending on your sound system. please plan accordingly First out of (hopefully) a series of weekly levels. This was meant to be a simple level with not much difficulty, a lot of my attention was focused on the visuals and effects, which was a new way of creating for me. That said, I had a lovely time creating this, and I hope you have a good time playing it! Special thanks to all my playtesters, in order: Guy Para, who got 100% with heart on his first attempt and receives a special mention in this part Waved Celsius Thanks to Bean for reminding me out of the blue that I had a level to finish by today, and an overdue thanks for Manic for collaborating with me on Ticker Tape and uploading it here for me! smol thanks to celsius again for being the actual best 💞
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  13. Guy's Old Levels

    Version 1.0.0


    finally getting around to reuploading all of my old levels from the other forum in the form of one easily accessible pack. track list (in chronological order (bolded ones are worth points!)) SiivaGunner - P-R-O-G-R-A-M (Kirby Planet Robobot) the first level i made. Muzzy - Junction Seven the first level i made that was actually serious. Shawn Wasabi - Marble Soda (1 point) the first level i made that was actually good. F-777 - Space Battle (2 points) i hate f-777 songs... i guess i'll have to play this one without headphones. Mudeth - Machine in the Walls this level sure existed, didn't it. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - From the Sun shoutout to samul_a for the song suggestion. enjoy
  14. Fractal - Spection

    the time warps are cool as heck, the patterns are unique and cool, and everything fits the song pretty much perfectly! my only criticism with it is that a lot of the later patterns have a ton of sitting in the center and aren't as interesting to play as the first half is. i thoroughly enjoyed this level, thanks for making it!
  15. Fractal - Spection

    I really like this level! I love all the sync throughout the duration of the level as well as the creative patterns. I think the only thing that might be missing is some gameplay that forces you out of the center (especially at waved's part) and to do this you would have to slow the bullets down significantly which would not only change the feel of the level but also make the sync worse, so all in all this level works really well as a cool looking effect/sync level which is fine, I just don't think its anything spectacular in terms of gameplay though. Overall a really good level! keep it up!
  16. Fractal - Spection

    Version 1.0.0


    Another collaboration with Waved, this time it's Fractal's Spection. This was originally started back in August of 2017, where I worked on it for a few months before abandoning it for a while. I then sent it to Waved on the 29th of January, with the intent that he would finish the second half of the level that I was unable to create. It was forgotten for a while until Waved dug it up again a few days ago, finished his part and sent it my way, where I then made some small changes before finally calling it finished. My part is from the beginning to about 2:33, and the rest is Waved's (although I made a few minor changes to his part). And here's a video for those who would rather watch than play: https://youtu.be/J-tFOoAdVEU
  17. High School Art Class

    The new Trauma Crew megacollab is good. But it isn't much beyond that. Don't get me wrong: this level certainly has its strong points. CodeQuazar's part was certainly a standout for me in particular. But much of the level felt... kind of draining, to be honest. I don't believe it really has staying power beyond the few standout parts. I don't see myself coming back to it anytime soon. Decent to Strong 6
  18. Seven Lions - Summer of the Occult

    At first, I was reluctant about it. But I now see why you have Great Creator. This is very outstanding. It's going to be difficult to find ways it could be improved. The first build up kinda seems a little lacking in volume? Like I said, I'm nitpicking so this could very well just be me. During the hug/bubble part with streams, there's this weird BUT OUTSTANDING singing noise that fades in and out, and there doesn't appear to be anything synced to it? And if there is, it's not very noticeable. Again, nitpicking. I found the last drop unreasonable compared to the rest of them. And I KNOW, the entire level is kinda meant to be unreasonable, but the others were at a similar level of unreasonably(?). Again again, nitpicking. This is a really fine level. Personally, I really appreciate the little amount of copy paste. It's noticeable and helps a level a long way. Super job. OH AND ANYONE, tell me if I'm going crazy but I swear that the part before the last drop samples or at least is inspired by this song (get to the middle about) https://youtu.be/i6OtF7daIPM alright
  19. High School Art Class

    Version 1.0.0


    this is it luigi
  20. Flume - Numb & Getting Colder (ft. Kučka)

    This certainly was a level. I kinda wrote my thoughts into these sections of what I found poor in the level. Here they are. Right at the start, you synced the streams to the first 4 or 5 pitch changes, but then completely ignored the others. I mentioned this with your preview so I at least hope you considered it. It's small but noticeable. Throughout the entire level, there's this weird thinking sound which you've synced to with this bubble/hug pattern *which is cool don't get me wrong* but it gets really stale when its the same pattern over and over. I feel like there could have been some cool variations that you missed here. I believe Manic mentioned this. The spin rate and more so the time warps are DEAD compared to the song. It's such a funky song and there's only so much you can do with bullets alone. I mean, its a whole two-thirds of the editor which looks like its been neglected, and it makes this feel lacklustre. A common pet peeve of mine, copy paste is kinda glaring in this level. I'm not going to say much about this rather than it feels kinda cheap when the "chorus" that plays is just a copy of the same one that played before. And it's not *great* copy paste either. On another note, there were some really nasty burst parts I did not enjoy in there. Overall, it was kinda meh for me. There were some cool ideas, but after the first minute or so it felt like you got more and more out of ideas for the song. I'm guessing some people may think differently, but it's my opinion. (Also whats up with that ending) Gotta be a 2.5 - 3 / 5 IMO
  21. Version 1.0.0


    I wanted to make a level with a prime number of enemies. Might have sync issues but it's pretty good I would say
  22. Electronic Donkey Muscles

    This is absolutely a great level, nice job! I would say my favorite part is what you did with the bubbles and the hugs, it was pretty original on your part. This level's more than just decent in my opinion. Though, some parts near the end were a bit jumpy and a little difficult. Other than that, it all fit well overall. Definitely a 9/10 c:
  23. Electronic Donkey Muscles

    Pretty decent. Some patterns were clever and well made. I'd say the main issue with this level was the inconsistency of difficulty. Everything after the bubble/hug part was so much more difficult than the first half. This was mainly due to some wacky speeds and general clutter in some spots. Apart from that, it was fun to play. Nothing really caught my eye as far as special goes, but that's not always needed. You made a good thing. I was pleasantly surprised. Good work.
  24. Electronic Donkey Muscles

    Version 1.0.0


    A level I quite enjoyed making; Kinda tough at times, but most of the level is simple. Enjoy!
  25. Ducksu Remix

    Glorious Ducksu
  26. Ducksu Remix

    Glorious Ducksu
  27. Ducksu Remix

    Version 1.0.0


    A quick collaboration done on one continuous voice call on April the 13th, 2018 We hope you enjoy this odd, but catchy level
  28. Seven Lions - Summer of the Occult

    holy shit dude this level is cool. the time warps are actually perfect, the patterns themselves are cool as shit, everything fits the song perfectly... not to mention it looks great as well. it's a bit difficult but it's definitely beatable if you want to put the effort into it. check this one out, it'll definitely be worth your time.
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