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    Total Football

    Hey lasauce (Vsauce), your level was pretty decent for a first one ! Colors : they were pretty good, vibrant and all, I expect more palettes like this in the game. Gameplay was okay ; It was consistent (even a bit too much, and I don't say that often), tough i think it was a bit repetitive. Plus 2 - 3 patterns were like a bit unfair and annoying, but overall it was decent. Some of them like the N E V E R E N D I N G stream patterns and all. Effects : noice but the heart bullets were a bit ugly and broke the flash effects. Just fix it by changing the amount to 0 in the code of the level. Overall good first level ! Looking forward for moar levels.
  3. Hoek

    Give me a song

    Love Vaporwave This one too ! (plus this is a free track) Hope you turn this as a level !
  4. Hoek

    Who wanna join my collab,Annihilate?

    Hey ! I wanna join I guess N O D I S C O R D : /
  5. ToiR

    Editor Tweaks

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  7. ToiR

    Who wanna join my collab,Annihilate?

    i would be able to collab with you
    I liked the original pack name better. Really drives home the thing that Zain is hiding from all of us. I actually played the first 3 levels before release because I was just overall curious. Cutting straight to it, these levels are pretty dope! Definitely better than your last level pack and maybe even as fun as Variety Pack 2? Who knows! Next time I catch you in a call (probably sometime in the next hour or something lol) I would like to talk about the issues that I found with this, as I feel I could not put them into text form well. tell me if I'm completely wrong, but was thinking that the Bumblebee song might have been a substitute for a certain someone that was in all your other packs? It would make sense if it was so, mostly everyone hates that artist now, but just an observation. The song is very similar in style and sampling to the artist in question. That's all
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  9. crohn44

    Crohn44's Recycle Bin

    Version 1.0.0


    So this whole pack was just a disaster, many of the levels were started in 2017 like Sunburn, Starfish, If So, and Do you feel it, some of these like Lucy, Other Side of Paradise, and All this Time were started this month, either way I'm done working on this pack for good. If you want to finish any of these levels yourself go ahead and do it. I have moved on to something else So the finished Levels in this pack are the following: Sunburn By DROELOE Beautiful Now by Zedd (ft. Jon Bellion) Starfish by Savant Anyways have some fun digging around, Bye! Oh yeah I also included some bonus stuff for some reason
  10. Version 1.0.0


    EXPLICIT LYRICS AHEAD this was an attempt at creating a simple, "main level" inspired level. This level took waay more than i expected, cause i deleted it three times (3!) cause I didn't know what style would fit the song, but this style of simple and gamepla focused seems to fit the song like a glove! I tried my best at keeping it simple and not adding complex and crazy patterns. Enjoy!
    holy hell dude, leave some ideas for the rest of us going to preface this by saying some of these levels are the most unique and interesting ones i have played or seen in a long time. he experimented pretty hard with concepts nobody has really touched beforehand, and he also improved upon old concepts people have seen before in new and original ways. i dont want to risk having the review break for being too big again, like it did on my review for his last pack (RIP), so instead i'm going to attach a text file saying my (hopefully) in-depth thoughts on every level in this pack. just a fair warning that the super in-depth review also kinda spoils some of the gimmicks the levels have to offer, so if you want to go into it blind i'll just say that AS A WHOLE the pack is 110% worth your time and that you absolutely should play it or else anyway, here goes nothing: longpack_review.txt
    Sam reaches a new creative peak on his latest pack. This pack is a fucking rollercoaster. I don't believe I'm the first person to admit that I was kind of dissapointed by Sam's last pack. Sure, it was a very fun, simplistic pack, but it didn't quite reach the creative highs that Sam is known for. Given the description of the pack, where it mentions that this release strays from the style presented there, I was pretty excited to see what Sam had to offer on this latest pack of his. Most of the levels in the front half of the pack are your standard Sam fare. Sometimes these levels do get a bit gimmicky, but these levels are usually very fun, very polished, but not too adventurous. In a way it does remind me of Sam's previous pack, but quite a bit more creative. And then you get into the latter half of the pack. And oh boy, the latter half of the pack is certainly something. Starting with Sparklers, and more or less going into Full Gimmick Mode from Sweet Emotion, the level of creative ideas in this pack ramps up very quickly. And these ideas are executed amazingly; to the point where some of these levels completely floored me. I think there are levels here that top the best moments of Variety Pack 2. The only real complaints I have were probably some of the inconsistencies in levels like Want Me, and the creative low points in the earlier levels of the pack. Still though, this absolutely does not prevent me from loving this pack as much as I do. I wholeheartedly recommend this thing to anyone thinking about trying it out. Decent to Strong 9 / 10 Favorite Levels: Outre Lux, Head On, Sweet Emotion, Would You Believe Me, Dark Arts, Bubblebee Least Favorite Level: Wicked Campaign Good job on this one, my dude.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is a weird one, almost sort of a return to form. While 'The Friends We Made Along the Way' was on the more simplistic and accessible side, these levels are much more difficult, gimmicky, and complex. I also had fun choosing a very diverse selection of songs with many artists I've never mapped before. Huge thanks to Guy & Zain for all the help with the development process. It wouldn't be the same without them! Guy's profile: https://soundodger-community.com/profile/42-guyyoudontknow/ Zain's Profile: https://soundodger-community.com/profile/28-zain/ Here's a little bit about the levels you'll be playing: Levels with an * will only work as intended in 30fps, 60fps is still possible but changes the level drastically The Woods - Fairly easy and simple intro level, also one of my personal favorite songs included Want Me (Lean Low Remix) - Slightly more abstract. You'll have to weave through plenty of intricate patterns to beat this one Bubblebee - Fast paced, but easy to learn. I don't normally listen to songs like this, but it had this charm that got me hooked Sparklers* - This level fueled my passion to finish this project. It doesn't do anything incredible, but it does open the door for many possible patterns Wicked Campaign - We need more modest mouse levels and it has become my civil duty to do so Dark Arts - You will probably suffer when you play this for the first time. You will probably hate the song. But as you play it more and more, you'll grow to like both (hopefully) and have an understanding for their madness Sweet Emotion - As the level progresses, so does your playing field. Sometimes you need to track your movements to know where you are in relation to the circle Would You Believe Me - Fairly chill, although it does have its moments. I never intended to make a level to this song but here we are today so may that be a lesson to all you non-believers Outré Lux (Phil Moffa Remix)* - Come and see the bouncing bubble extraordinaire! Possibly the strangest level I've made to this day Head On - I thought this was an appropriate way to say 'goodbye' for a while (with solo projects, I'll still be around), thanks for playing! And of course, thanks to all my friends and the community for taking me into their arms
  12. lasauce

    Total Football

    Version 1.0.0


    Heres my second level! I based the colors off of the Parquet Courts album, Wide Awake!, and I think it turned out the way I invisioned it to be. This was a work in progress since I got soundodger, and I finished it today! It was a mess when I started to edit it, and now I think it looks really cool. Please make sure to leave a comment telling me how I can improve as a creator!
  13. Hi!Im Eliasbw444,a new member of this huge community!So!I wanted to host a collab,but nobody want to join so im waiting for you to join me!
  14. Eliasbw444

    Dodecagon34 - Mesmerizer (Hoek Cut)

    Dude,i show ma first lvl,and mine is bad...GG!
  15. Eliasbw444

    Soundodger Tips & Tricks

    I dont find A N Y adv in my XML file...help pls?
  16. Eliasbw444

    Soundodger Tips & Tricks

  17. Eliasbw444

    Snow Tape: a post-mortem

    A m a z i n g
  18. Eliasbw444

    Somebody explain me this pls

    Good thing!(Also i never get rid of this glitch)
  19. Eliasbw444


  20. Eliasbw444

    Hole In My Soul

    I can collab with yu!
  21. Eliasbw444

    Eliasbw444 levels pack

    Version 1.0.1


    Hi!I join Soundodger+ yersteday!And i wanted to create somes maps,or levels if you want .But i wanted to do original things,so here my best of (all my lvls)!Good luck!(Hard mentions,all hards lvls:H.A.Y - Clarx,SpeedBreaker - DJJanner,Hydrocity Zone Remix - Plasma3)
  22. GuyYouDontKnow

    Prune, You Talk Funny

    hey this is pretty neat for a first level! i love the way it looks, you definitely nailed the colors and effects on it. everything syncs up to the song really well (for the most part) also! i'd say you're definitely on the right track here the thing i'd work on, though, is balancing. some patterns (especially on the laughs, namely the bit where 3 sets of four bubbles come out followed by a set of 8, and the bit where several large waves come out during the part with the 2 streams in the center) were way more difficult than all the other ones, and it made the level a bit frustrating to play. the part with the 2 blue streams and the wide red shots was also pretty tricky compared to the rest of the level! also, when i said "for the most part" in terms of sync, i was referring to the part with the 2 pairs of hugs followed by 2 pairs of bubble lines - i couldn't figure out what sounds that was synced up to after 2 times playing through it. i really liked all of the other patterns, they were fun and fit the song really well - especially liked the start and the bit with 4 streams that lead into 3 heart shots! don't think it was a bad level by any means, i just really nitpicked it because you asked for stuff you could improve on hope this helped! 6.5/10 P.S. you forgot to change the difficulty off of 1
  23. lasauce

    Prune, You Talk Funny

    Version 1.0.0


    my first level posted to the soundodger forum! please leave some feedback on how I can improve!
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  25. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first ever level and my first ever attempt in uploading to this site, so uh, let me know if i managed to break everything and I'll try to fix it. Enjoy .D.
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