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    • By Waved · Posted
      I liked the original pack name better. Really drives home the thing that Zain is hiding from all of us. I actually played the first 3 levels before release because I was just overall curious. Cutting straight to it, these levels are pretty dope! Definitely better than your last level pack and maybe even as fun as Variety Pack 2? Who knows! Next time I catch you in a call (probably sometime in the next hour or something lol) I would like to talk about the issues that I found with this, as I feel I could not put them into text form well.  tell me if I'm completely wrong, but was thinking that the Bumblebee song might have been a substitute for a certain someone that was in all your other packs? It would make sense if it was so, mostly everyone hates that artist now, but just an observation. The song is very similar in style and sampling to the artist in question. That's all
    • By GuyYouDontKnow · Posted
      holy hell dude, leave some ideas for the rest of us

      going to preface this by saying some of these levels are the most unique and interesting ones i have played or seen in a long time. he experimented pretty hard with concepts nobody has really touched beforehand, and he also improved upon old concepts people have seen before in new and original ways.
      i dont want to risk having the review break for being too big again, like it did on my review for his last pack (RIP), so instead i'm going to attach a text file saying my (hopefully) in-depth thoughts on every level in this pack.  just a fair warning that the super in-depth review also kinda spoils some of the gimmicks the levels have to offer, so if you want to go into it blind i'll just say that AS A WHOLE the pack is 110% worth your time and that you absolutely should play it or else
      anyway, here goes nothing: longpack_review.txt
    • By azure · Posted
      Sam reaches a new creative peak on his latest pack. This pack is a fucking rollercoaster. I don't believe I'm the first person to admit that I was kind of dissapointed by Sam's last pack. Sure, it was a very fun, simplistic pack, but it didn't quite reach the creative highs that Sam is known for. Given the description of the pack, where it mentions that this release strays from the style presented there, I was pretty excited to see what Sam had to offer on this latest pack of his. Most of the levels in the front half of the pack are your standard Sam fare. Sometimes these levels do get a bit gimmicky, but these levels are usually very fun, very polished, but not too adventurous. In a way it does remind me of Sam's previous pack, but quite a bit more creative. And then you get into the latter half of the pack. And oh boy, the latter half of the pack is certainly something. Starting with Sparklers, and more or less going into Full Gimmick Mode from Sweet Emotion, the level of creative ideas in this pack ramps up very quickly. And these ideas are executed amazingly; to the point where some of these levels completely floored me. I think there are levels here that top the best moments of Variety Pack 2. The only real complaints I have were probably some of the inconsistencies in levels like Want Me, and the creative low points in the earlier levels of the pack. Still though, this absolutely does not prevent me from loving this pack as much as I do. I wholeheartedly recommend this thing to anyone thinking about trying it out. Decent to Strong 9 / 10 Favorite Levels: Outre Lux, Head On, Sweet Emotion, Would You Believe Me, Dark Arts, Bubblebee Least Favorite Level: Wicked Campaign Good job on this one, my dude.
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