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Azure's Monthly Level List

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A problem I've noticed is that no one actually seems to be playing levels these days. So, I want to motivate people to actually play levels with this cool trendy new Monthly Level List! Every month I'll put together a list of levels worth playing, and you'll earn points based on how many you beat!


I'll divide the list into several different categories:

Easy Levels is a section dedicated to easier levels. One or two points will be rewarded for each one of these you complete.

Hard Levels, like Easy Levels, is dedicated to harder levels. Points will vary depending on the actual difficulty of the level, 10 points being one of the most difficult levels.

Up and Coming is a section displaying new creators who look as if they have potential for the future. Points will vary depending on the level's difficulty.

Classics is a section I'll have every now and again where I'll showcase levels that are still considered good today. Points will vary.

The Leaderboards are a section where I display everyone's total standings for the month, the past 3 months, and finally their total score.

Every now and then I'll have other sections for events such as contests and holidays.


The first list will come out on the 1st of December, and then the 1st of every month after that.

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