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Kirara Unlimited 2017 [Closed]

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I plan to make collab.

So I'm will make a level pack later.

Only seven people can make this collab.


-Song List-

1.DJ DiA - S Fighters [Viri]

2.KO3 - Keep In Your Heart [Me]

3.Srav3R - Boom Freaky [Digitalis / Leom]

4.Getty - Golyat [CelsiusAlpha]

5.yaseta - Old Nova [CodeQuazar]

6.LU-I - aerial feeling [Hence]

7.Soleily - Failnaught [ToiR]

8.takatin - Nexus [Waved]



1.Anybody can do, but Creator should good at it.

2.If you stay too long, you will be deprived.

3.only one can choose.

4.If you were done, give it to me.

5.I will give a mp3 to collaborator.

6.It should be made possible.


Look upward

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