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Hai! I'm wondering if anyone would like to help me make a level pack of Drawn to Life music! I don't know if you want to chose a song and make it, or help me make them but here's a list!
And I'd like to make these mostly 4 star levels, with a couple 3's or 5's. I like harder levels, but only if they feel fair you know?
You can find these on SirBaki's Youtube channel in the "Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Soundtrack" playlist.
Jowee and Mari
Real Life (Blu)
Ooh Wilfre!
Wapo Song
Final Boss (ToiR)

These ones can be found on ReWilfre's Youtube channel.
Shadow Showdown (ToiR)
Auto Death (FluffNStuff)
Our Story
Snowy Fields
Icy Wastes
Galactic Jungle 3

If you haven't played the games I highly suggest you do. The community has made 2 full fan games because it's such an amazing series. Makes the songs much more emotional too when you know the context. Anyway thanks!

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