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  1. announcement

    o/ Today, I have made an update to the roles on the forum, and this post will be listing all the changes made to them as well as the reasoning behind them. Before the changes, the member role was default for every member both new and old, which also meant that brand new members that could be here purely to spam, would be able to do everything everyone else could do. So to make up for that, today's change adds the "player" role! The "player" role is basically the old member role, except that users will only get that role after a day on on the forum. So from now on, brand new accounts will be limited for a day (meaning that their posts will have to be approved by mods and they will not be able to send DM's) before being able to do anything any other members can do. this change should limit spammers from attacking this forum so frequently, so easily \o/ ! Now on top of this change, I have also overhauled the roles to make sure there were no inconsistencies in-between them (moderators and level makers could not see the forum when offline, but members and admin could for example), so I have gone ahead and fixed those, hopefully I didn't miss anything! Lastly, I have updated the list of people with the level maker role, but in case I missed any level maker out there, pm me and I'll give you the role whenever possible! Current level makers: Applejuice azure Dee Frozec Furret grogle GuyYouDontKnow Hence iffydsu Krazyman50 loogiah ManicVolcanic middlethought Migueword Note Sakurashark Sam_UL satindolphin052 Septic Seth4564TI Shocksidian skzk TerraNacho Theatomix ToiR Waterfell Waved WesBoy106