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  1. In September. Soundcloud changed the ToS of their API and kicked out a lot of developers. AS2 couldn't have been left without a streaming service though because a lot of people literally only listen to music on Spotify or Google Music - and the only other service that could've been integrated was, unfortunately, YouTube. (And because Dylan is Dylan, the implementation is not exactly good and he managed to mess up a lot of other stuff in the process ...)
  2. heh Are you on the YouTube build or on the old build?
  3. B^U
  4. Edit: Official patchnotes. --- Just downloaded for me. New bullet type, "hugger": You get it if it exits the screen unactivated. New levels: ambinate - bloom (by Krazyman50) Bean - Stroke of Misfortune (by Bean) CHRISTINE - Gonna Fear Now (by middlethought) Circuit Bent - Tonic (by Furret) Dan Salvato - Spellslave (by loogiah) Disasterpeace - Forgotten (by Seth4564TI) Hinkik - Time Leaper (Waved) Kevin MacLeod - Exit The Premises (by TheAtomix) Lifeformed - 9-Bit Expedition (by WesBoy106) Lifeformed - A Safe Place To Sleep (by terranacho) lo tag blanco - slumlord (by Septic) MakeAcid - Voltage (by Kyotofu) Ghost Kollective - Waking Me Softly (ft. Snowflake) [by Satindolphin052] grogle - After All ft. Megurine Luka (by grogle) Sawtooth - Carcinogens (by ManicVolcanic) Tabrill, Domonic - Cold Pill (by Migueword) The Kyoto Connection - Hachiko (The Faithful Dog) [by Ian Weston] Wolfgun - Galaxian (Starfighter) [by Blu] Xtrullor - Zelda II: Palace theme (Xtrullor remix) [by CodeQuaZar] Folder support: Sorting: Ctrl+1 - by title Ctrl+2 - by artist Ctrl+3 - by level creator Ctrl+4 - by score Ctrl+5 - by hearts Ctrl+6 - by difficulty Use Shift instead for descending order Editor has better markers & adding hearts is easier:
  5. Sooo are we still doing beanbox memes? Because I kinda did Enjoy.
  6. How big is the archive on your HDD? It might not have downloaded properly
  7. C418 - Atempause

    Version 1.0.0


    Difficulty: ●●○○○ Duration: 2:03 That one level that I 1) completed and 2) isn't rushed meme nonsense. Might as well upload it here, too Edit: I just found a nearly complete version of this in a backup folder from 2013 ... turns out this level is older than I remembered