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  1. Version 1.0.0


    New level! Part of Sonic Crusader.
  2. Siriusmo - Idiot

    Version 1.0


    New level! Probably my hardest semi-decent level yet. I kinda, like, really want feedback on this level, as I'm not very experienced on making difficult levels that are also good, and I also want to make more levels like this, so I would really love for people to leave reviews below. I hope it's somewhat enjoyable! Video by Waterfell
  3. Version 1.0.0


    New level! I wasn't sure if I would make a level of this song or not. It was a pretty repetitive song, and I had no ideas for it before working on it, yet somehow I was able to make this level from start to finish in 3 days. Either way, I hope you actually enjoy the level. This level is part of my upcoming EDREC pack, a tribute to the legendary Ed Banger Records label which has released some of my favorite records of all time. Mirror:!Rb4hUByK!SUW13T3SO5WT_V6SYhRKmQd4CASBW_kogKsQPE2kXfI
  4. This level is bad and you should feel bad
  5. Glue70 - Casin

    Version 1.0


    My first proper level in, well, years, actually. It might be a bit disappointing since, one, it's short, and two, it's repetitive as all hell, but I still hope it's enjoyable to play. Really hoping to get some feedback on this one, I'm really hoping to move forward and be able to do more things with Soundodger. Difficulty: 3 Enemies: 8 Heart: No
  6. Thanks
  7. The best part about this is that I was only aware of this on Friday and I have a day to work on my level for it
  8. Not to be rude but I don't get the endless praise for Synrise, to be honest Sure, it looks pretty, but it isn't fun nor beatable
  9. this looks amazing in hypermode
  10. I was planning on adding bullets for the lyrics, this good? The red bullets are the lyrics. (they're player-aimed fyi) Good idea, I'll be sure to add that
  11. hoping this is good and that it comes out before spooktober hits
  12. yeah i keep denying it for some reason, even though some of the levels i'm working on now are actually turning out fairly decently and to noxis, i have better things in store. just you wait