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  1. OH NO!!!!! I MISSED IT!!! eh what do i care i can't even create well or even play Soundodger+
  2. relatable
  3. lemme guess you came here because you fanboy km50 a lot and so you saw his soundog vidos and so you join here the?
  4. What I mean to say is that some of the explanations you have given have already been explained by either me and/or middlethought. This was inside a thread you made, which was asking what our favorite Soundodger+ level was and why. I gave my answer (which was Waves From Nothing), and showed meanings behind some of the lines of the song. Edit: I can understand that this is 100% your thinking. The time gap between the post of explanations I gave and yours is pretty big, so I don't think you'd remember the post I made. Still though, just check up if something was already done/explained/whatever lol.
  5. Oh hey you beat it too, 'grats.
  6. Thanks for not giving credit to me and middlethought for this.
  7. Nice, dude. Are you planning on trying Surf Solar anytime soon? xP
  8. so my parents decided to give me the ultimate punishment and replace my Windows laptop with a Mac. now i won't be able to soundodge+ anymore. what a life i live.
  9. I feel like there should be some sort of section where you can post songs you find online but can't seem to make a level out of, so that maybe someone else would be able to use that for a level when they can't think of any songs to use.
  10. I don't feel like I need to re-explain the title here so I'll just shoot open my opinion, which just so happens to be Synrise by middlethought. My best on that is somewhere above 85% but less than 90%.
  11. dongman
  12. That too is most likely true.
  13. auto gen is best thing to exist
  14. @Waved Here's all the allusions to Soundodger+ I found in the lyrics (with a bit of wisdom from daddy middlethought): "You hoped it would stay / A fairly common play / Your motions were fine" - These lines from the first stanza alludes to the motions you make when dodging bullets, and the "hopes" you had of not needing to move to dodge the bullets. "White was the line" - This line from the first stanza most likely alludes to the border of the stage of the levels you play. "The world could spin away" - This line from the first stanza alludes to the spin rates in almost any level you play (Ex. Distant Stars). "You made it through time" - This line from the second stanza alludes to the time warps in most the levels you play (Ex. Katapult). "Missed every sign... / No wind / No sound" - These lines from the second stanza allude to you being unaware of your surroundings. "I'm falling to my knees / How harder could it get" - These lines from the third stanza reminds you of how difficult Soundodger+ can really be (Ex. Solvalou). "Comes crashing on the graves" - Graves represent death, and so therefore this line from the third stanza alludes to the countless times you "died" in levels you have played. "You bled / Until it all flew out" - This part from the third stanza alludes to your rage and anger from trying to get 100% on a level (with heart if possible), and failing miserably. That's all I could really find, but there's probably a few other bits I may not have caught here and there.
  15. Lost Age, Distant Stars, Waves From Nothing, and Senioritis. Lost Age: The advanced version of this level has very nice aesthetic to it. Besides, I've always been a fan of classical music, so I put it as one of my top choices. Distant Stars: It's a fast-paced and very catchy song. The only thing bad about it was that it's way too easy. Waves From Nothing: Now this right here is a shining diamond. When you pay attention to the lyrics of the song, you will realize that they are all alluding to Soundodger+ itself, from references to timewarps to the experiences of failing before the end. I actually used this for a poetry project I had in my English class, and I saw that there were two different meanings to the same song, which just adds to the beauty of it. Senioritis: It's bittersweet in a way. If you don't know what Senioritis actually is, it's when there's a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, which characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. It's sweet in the way that you will be free from school, but bitter because what will you do after that? That choice is up to them.