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  2. Version 1.0.0


    there's a full description in the video, hope you enjoy this level!
  3. Twine - #Copyright VIP

    Version 1.0.0


    i said most of the things about the level on the youtube description, so i'm going to copy it here: at first glance, in the beggining, you can see the burst has a lot of safe spots, and i know that, i made it that way, since i want the player to relax and have some fun in the melodies between the drops, which, are pretty harder and tricky, i tried to do a lot of different styles, patterns inside the trops, even though they have the same base, a hard bass that, in my opinion is well represented, and a fair ammount of bursts, that add a some variety and fun to it. to conclude, i would say is a good fusion between simple and complex patterns, and that's what makes this level so special to me. Video: Please: Please comment on my level, it can be a "great job!" or a suggestion for my making my level making skills better. Consider Being my Friend/Contact on Steam Too!: Always leave a LIKE on my level on youtube or feedback here!
  4. last one who knows

    Version 1.0.0


    who knows what you have in here, maybe a simple level, or a really complex one? this is like a good gift for you and probably, for me...
  5. Personally, the first time i heard this song i thought about that, and it really is! Cause in the bandcamp page of D. Whight says: "a huge thanks to michael molinari for his great ideas" And the cover art is... well looks really sondodger...
  6. Hi! just going to make a quick post about a little project i have been working on, a map pack. this map pack features a little amount of levels, 7, due to time and... just time, well, here are the links to the songs, and also some little annotations: Songs: 1.- Senseless - Graphyt & Ecraze: This song is the signature of this Map Pack, it captures all the disruptive and monstrous this Map Pack's songs are, it really was a struggle to decide which was the best song to represent the map pack :). 2.- Memory - MUST DIE!: This song starts melodic and happy, but when the drop comes... BEWARE! this song is an struggle to make, because of the weird sounds it has, so I'm using the galaxian canon desing. Sheer Cold - Aweminus & Phiso: Well, this may look weird, but i'm sure that featuring an ole' level that is awesome should be right, thinking that it gives you a feeling of cold... brrr! No Chill - Megalodon & PhaseOne: And speaking about Chilling, how I should not include Megalodon on this map pack? His signature sounds fused with PhaseOne's sounds will make you play this while you bang your head! Nu Dub - Rickyxsan: This song is quite controversial, due to the sounds of rickyxsan primarly, but the second drop will let you know why I chose this! well, was almost the first part of the song, not too much the second drop. Dr. Ozi - Always You: Well, the original song in this Map Pack was going to be this, but someone wiped out the HDD that the level was so, I changed the song to this! much more happy and dance-ish! Eden - MUST DIE! & Habstrakt: Just... this song is almost perfectly blended with the other songs, catching a melodic intro, followed by an awesome drop that will make you dance until late, surely I'm doing an effort on this level (obviously the others too!). Well, so this is a little "teaser" of my upcoming Map pack, I hop you would like it!! please comment!
  7. congrats! that level is hard, especially for the eyes and ears, cause the music sync makes me proud of my first level....
  8. i don't know if doing a level with this song, i mean, is really cute but i'm not sure if you would like it. here it is: also help me, i can't stop hearing it. and the title is animal land and the artist is nanahira.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Hi Guys! Just wanted to say that I'm NOT dead! just having some troubles and problems here and there! But anyways, here it is! the level nor even I knew i had (cause i did it on a trip and heard the song and saw the Ian WInston level, but not took any inspiration from him, sorry Ian). Well, the thing goes like that, I manage to make ALMOST every single bullet combine at the song, so the timming errors are almost none, but, if you find some, tell me, another thing, this song has a nostalgic sensation that I fused some styles that i took from: Lost age (a little), Chloroplast skin (so parts). The rest was my imagination wandering (ups! a hint to the next level!). Well, have a good time and enjoy this level that i almost fell in love with! Video: Please: Please comment on my level, it can be a "great job!" or a suggestion for my making my level making skills better please consider contact me on my twitter: Consider Being my Friend/Contact on Steam Too!: Always leave a LIKE on my level on youtube or feedback here! oh, by the way, the level wandering is my first level, so I will uploaded it faster that this one, AND the real hint for the next level is that "We are a part of the wilderness"
  10. A few weeks ago, my computer got a weird beeping coming out of the motherboard speaker (is a laptop so, my ears got raped when it happened for the first time) and is, what i've investigated, a POST beep code for an error, error i haven't discovered yet, in any case you are wondering, is, explained in sounds are a beep for half of a second, again, again, and then 2 fast ones, then it does it again. I would really like, if someone replies to this, that you should not worry too much, is a disadvantage to make my 45 minute level, cause i take care of: the battery, the time it takes to open folders/applications, the running apps, atc. In any case, I will safe the level (and some lovely moments i got there, with... loneliness) cause i'm gonna take it to a computer-doctor (sorry was to lazy to write, and sounded cute :3) Well thanks for reading this and please send me info! PS: is a phoenix BIOS, the laptop is an Acer Aspire e5-551g-t1bp, and i presume that her beep code writes 1-1-1-2. Oh, and onomatopoeia is beeep, beeep, beeep, bep bep. Thanks again
  11. Probably, this level will be less "epic" cause the main genre is Brostep, and, some annoying headbanger songs that will not fit the design of Next Time, so, i'll put effort using patterns that will fit every single song there, which are like 20-25 i think, so, this level will bemade with the same effort as Next Time (thanks by the way, is my favourite personal level).
  12. me too! i put effort on all my levels, and, this will take some time
  13. Well, i have a few question too! :3 How you can cut the level? Example, I take a part of the song and map it? If so, i should've resolved an enormous problem. And, i thought 1 heart each 10 minutes would be good? I don't know yet. Anyways, the level is going pretty well, thanks for the support!
  14. HI! today i wanted to show you one of my most ambitious proyects on soundodger+, a level 45 minutes long, yes, 45 MINUTES. the level itself is an unfinished project called 45mins.xml, that features the mix of the Dubstep producer Megalodon, called "Black label XL 3" one of my favourites, I really hope you send me some opinions (please, a really good one, the project takes some time to open on SD+) it will probably one of my best, trust me, but expect it NOT for january (or maybe yes?). anyways, here's the link to the song: Click Here! here are a few screenshots that I took so people can believe me, i'm NOT rushing it! it takes time!
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Hi Again! it's me! I'm back with a fast-paced song, courtesy of Sabacan records (go ahead, here's the link, amazing song are there!) so, for beginning, i would like to say this level is pretty "hard" because, for catching the beat of the song, i used fast bullets, and, for some calm parts (that stills at like 170+ BPM) were slower, so the level wasn't too repetitive, but anyways, hope you enjoy! Please: Please comment on my level, it can be a "great job!" or a suggestion for my making my level making skills better please consider contact me on my twitter: Consider Being my Friend/Contact on Steam Too!: Always leave a LIKE on my level on youtube or feedback here! Level: i love making spinrates on ANY level!