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  1. Wall Fuck

    Version 1.0.0


    I was randomly given this song by one individual named "Migueword" and while this was not an easy song I think I did a good job with this level and others seem to agree as well so I think that I can call this a modest success.
  2. Anything there is to be said, is said in the video description.
    Expectations were set high thanks to Sam sharing Bloodstain and Delta prior to uploading this. Despite these high expectations, he still managed to completely knock it out of the park. Variety pack contains a good amount of levels that are extremely well-crafted. There's too much to compliment, really. If I were to make a whole list, I'd probably be sitting here for well over half an hour. I mean, even the 2 extra joke levels included, you can tell Sam put some form of effort into. I'm too tired to write an actually good review. You got my opinion, and in case you want something more detailed: I refer you to Manic's review, which I largely agree with. However, there is 1 tiny criticism I'd like to give Sam. Just like, cool it with the homing bullets, dude. You use them a lot on regular interval in multiple levels here, which really just makes the level's challenge more frustrating, if anything. This is especially the case with Delta. While it's still undoubtedly my favorite level in the pack, there are just too many homing bullets. Level pack is amazing. You're missing out if you don't get it.
  3. I'm gonna need everyone involved here to stop
    Aaah it's bad I remember this actually being decent at the time, so I guess that's what counts? Eh, I had the excuse of not being experienced yet. Don't know about you.
    Solid first level, not a solid level overall. There's potential here though. The biggest issues here are for sure the amount of bullets the pattern has, and some transitions or patterns in general. The thing is, you have a lot of bullets on patterns that don't need them. For a stream that at max needs 3 bullets per shot to do what it needs to, you have like 7. And this is a common theme in the level, and it makes the level much more laggy and ugly than it needs to be. The other thing is, the transitions or patterns don't really feel like they flow. They don't feel like they're made to guide you through them, so instead you just get hit by almost unavoidable bullets that should be somewhere else. Playtest your level a lot, and you can avoid that. That said, I do think that this is solid as a first. You matched the song's energy pretty well, and the level is decently fun where it isn't the issue I addressed.
    For a first, this isn't bad, not at all. I hope my low score doesn't throw you off here, for a first level, I really think this has something good. The level does have some issues, but not really that many. My big problems with the level are how bullets are synced, and the timewarp. Especially the timewarp. They don't seem to exist for a reason? Something that pleasantly surprised me here though, is how balanced the difficulty is. A lot of people's first levels are just unbalanced, too hard or too easy. But you seem to have managed to get the middle ground, and stood there through most of the level. Not an amazing level in itself, but considering this is only your first, you have real potential.
  4. A Song For People In Love

    Version 1.0.0


    Overdue valentine's day level, yadda yadda I don't think this level is up to par with stuff like Tonic or The New Wave, but I'm happy I actually finished it.
  5. with bad sync, bad effects, and lazy patterns at that
  6. ...what?
  7. Foxtail Socks and Rake Leaves Into Piles (and eat them), for sure. While they may be levels that are infamous for their difficulty, I think both of them are relatively fair, and really fun. Also Bill Kiley music. You can't go wrong with Bill Kiley music. Apart from that, I also like Frog of Lore a lot, for similar reasons.
  8. Magic Touch

    Version 1.0.0


    Description copied from Youtube video. Yo, this level is old, so I hope you don't shoot me for this one. This is a big collab that I started, shortly after Migueword's Geometry Dash level High Life was rated, so the song didn't quite yet have the meme value it does now. Anyways, after being finished I forgot all about this collab. I recently dug it up again, and it's pretty dated not going to lie. I didn't change anything since it was finished. To show how little I care, I didn't even edit the names Middlethought gave all of the creators. Please note that what you see in the level doesn't necessarily reflect on what the creators can do now. People involved: Me, Satindolphin052, Krazyman50, Moyenne, Bl├╝ and Middlethought alternate download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/thbtl0pin6b5uxb/MagicTouch.rar?dl=0
  9. Surprised you didn't make Furrazy OTP
  10. You know, that's not really a nice thing to say. You went through the process of seeing a song you didn't like, clicking on a song you didn't like, downloading a song you didn't like, and then voicing your opinion about this song you didn't like. While you're entitled to your own opinion, just as anyone is, that is not a nice thing to say and you could have just ignored this level.
    Well, you've done it. I REALLY liked what I saw when you posted the sneak peak, and even then you have just blown my expectations out of the park. The level isn't perfect, however, all issues I have with it are extremely minor and what you're left with is a really energetic and really fun level, a perfect match for the song, I'd say. The level isn't just fun either, it has a good amount of difficulty and doesn't get over the top at any point, which in itself can be quite impressive. On top of that some of the patterns are quite unique as well, which also isn't the easiest thing to do anymore. So yeah. You did an amazing job.