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    Soundodger+ 3rd Contest Level My Partner is Racey :> MF Download (No Lag Ver) : (No Lag Ver).zip MF Download (Original Ver) : (WARNING! The original version is serious lag, So I Recommend Fast(F5) Mode, Visual Effect off) Soundodger+ Contest Level Pack 3 Download :
    Gameplay : 1 - It's too easy, so isn't fun. Colors : 1 - I don't really like this color. Be unbecoming for gold. I don't know why the homing is orange and why the bubble is green. Sync : 1 - This level doesn't fit perfectly. Looks : 1 - I have nothing to say.... ect. : 1 - Song is VeryVery weird, Because is too much Truncation phenomenon. Todal (Average): 1/5
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    @Seth4564TI Hi Seth
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    hoiiiii I'm Dee, It's been an 1 year since I joined here. I bought this game on steam in Dec 25, 2014 I've made a lot of levels and I'm pretty good at this game. At first, I was hard to play this game. More and more, this game became easier and I beat all levels in two months after I bought on steam. Also, I beat all levels 4 to 5 times. I also made a level. at first, I made the level terrible. Even now, I make trying levels. Soundodger+ is Good & Fun game If I was without Soundodger+, I was bored. Thanks to Soundodger+
  6. neur4l - Re:Noah

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    My New Hard Level. Mediafire Download :
  7. I plan to make collab. So I'm will make a level pack later. Only seven people can make this collab. -Song List- 1.DJ DiA - S Fighters [Viri] 2.KO3 - Keep In Your Heart [Me] 3.Srav3R - Boom Freaky [Digitalis / Leom] 4.Getty - Golyat [CelsiusAlpha] 5.yaseta - Old Nova [CodeQuazar] 6.LU-I - aerial feeling [Hence] 7.Soleily - Failnaught [ToiR] 8.takatin - Nexus [Waved] -precautions- 1.Anybody can do, but Creator should good at it. 2.If you stay too long, you will be deprived. 3.only one can choose. 4.If you were done, give it to me. 5.I will give a mp3 to collaborator. 6.It should be made possible. 7.Song? Look upward
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    Mediafire : My Second Collab Level. 0:00 ~ 1:47 ToiR 1:47 ~ 4:08 Dee [ Me ]
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Not D09 Level. This Level is other level pack. MediaFire : Video & Picture will upload later.