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  1. Greetings!~ I am a very new user to this game, I've barely had it a week and I've not a lot of skill or time put into it, but I'd love to if I could find some levels for my favourite artist, Aesop Rock. That's where you come in. Rules are simple, make a level that predominately features Aesop, your choice of music being his solo work, Hail Mary Mallon, and the Lice trilogy. You'll have a week to find a song that really sticks out to you and then a month to make the level. Your time to find a song will start next Thursday, the 24th, so that you have time to figure it out and that the level can be made all of September. Judging will be hosted by a panel that I'll select, and I will not interfere with judging due to my lack of skill, but I will still look at and play all the levels. And now, for the part you all really want to hear, the prizes. Considering I'm paying for this myself, I'll award a $15 game to the first place winner, a $10 game to the second place winner, and a $5 game to the third place winner. I have a discord server set up for this and any future contests I may hold, as this seems like something I'd love to do. The most important thing of all though, is to have fun~ <3 DISCORD: