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  2. This video was blocked in 231 countries. gj youtube I beat the level and I wanted to upload it but meh, same thing will happen. Anyways, really awesome patterns. And I actually hoped that it would be the original version of the song but huh, no luck ;(
  3. Yeah, it was abaout the time to finally finish this pack and move to something new 1. Sugarcow RM 2. High Roller Mojo 3. Gossamer 4. Heart <3 5. Chaser 6. Scrape
  4. The title says it all
  5. Decent level, nice job.
  6. Awesome level, great song <|°_°|>
  7. A bunch of fun and relaxing levels from latest Terranacho's level pack, enjoy!
  8. I absolutely love this one. Great idea followed by even better execution.
  9. Another brilliant level by terranacho. GJ man, yo did it again
  10. Finally, a level pack with Nuclear Throne OST
  11. Looks pretty solid for a 1st level.
  12. Idk man, right now I want to take small break from SD+ and then I'll probably go for some S3 levels
  13. It's been a while since I wanted to try this level out. Now with new 60 FPS mode I finally could... Fixed version:
  14. Hey man, welcome to the community! The forum is pretty dead tho, so if you wanna meet some actual people visit the discord channel And have a nice stay!
  15. Pretty cool level by Glimmer