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  1. The title says it all
  2. Decent level, nice job.
  3. Awesome level, great song <|°_°|>
  4. A bunch of fun and relaxing levels from latest Terranacho's level pack, enjoy!
  5. I absolutely love this one. Great idea followed by even better execution.
  6. Another brilliant level by terranacho. GJ man, yo did it again
  7. Finally, a level pack with Nuclear Throne OST
  8. Looks pretty solid for a 1st level.
  9. Idk man, right now I want to take small break from SD+ and then I'll probably go for some S3 levels
  10. It's been a while since I wanted to try this level out. Now with new 60 FPS mode I finally could... Fixed version:
  11. Hey man, welcome to the community! The forum is pretty dead tho, so if you wanna meet some actual people visit the discord channel And have a nice stay!
  12. Pretty cool level by Glimmer
  13. Finally, after S3 patch fix I can go for some levels previously unplayable in 60 fps mode. Enjoy
  14. And there we go, another cool S3) level
  15. Another brilliant level by loogiah. S3 is soooo goood