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  1. Idk man, right now I want to take small break from SD+ and then I'll probably go for some S3 levels
  2. It's been a while since I wanted to try this level out. Now with new 60 FPS mode I finally could... Fixed version:
  3. Hey man, welcome to the community! The forum is pretty dead tho, so if you wanna meet some actual people visit the discord channel And have a nice stay!
  4. Pretty cool level by Glimmer
  5. Finally, after S3 patch fix I can go for some levels previously unplayable in 60 fps mode. Enjoy
  6. And there we go, another cool S3) level
  7. Another brilliant level by loogiah. S3 is soooo goood
  8. Flawless level design, that's all I can tell...
  9. The S3 hype is real boyz!
  10. Milky Ways by tututu0833 and Sky City by Dee. I don't know what is my best score, whenever I got hit I always press R before the level ends ;p
  11. Ye Olde Future, Kirkhope and Glowing Cubes are like best from the core game levels. Really good songs with a variety of awesome non-repetetive patters. Also MIDI Murder Box and Chloroplast Skin were pretty fun to play, even if these are made of really simple patterns. When it comes to S1) and S2) I love Nuclear Throne Theme as it's the only guitar track from the whole game + Venus and Tokyo Skies because that levels are just awesome.
  12. Sorry mate, I'm not sure if I'm gonna have time to play any non-casual levels untill the end of next week. But I'm gonna try it out for sure And I'm looking forward to this one, that song is awesome
  13. Cool level man I really like the colors + awesome thumbnail
  14. This one is a masterpiece. Without any doubts the most brilliant, insane and challenging level I've played so far. Really impressive job Waved, I'm waiting for more stuff like this
  15. I really like how much rng Note could put into that level without making it unplayable. Nice job