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  1. Version 2.0.0


    hey guys i'm not dead finally got my shit together and finished one of the many levels i've started happy halloween everyone
  2. GG man, only one other person has beaten that... nice work
  3. how did your computer survive that
  4. not quite sure how i feel about the amount of bursts in it but it looks like if it's cleaned up a bit it can be something great!
  5. i see. well that sucks, but hey, at least the game is still playable, right...?
  6. youtube build prefer the old one by a longshot because it's a lot less cluttered but i'm not quite sure when they replaced soundcloud with youtube
  7. as most of us know, autogen isn't exactly the greatest thing in soundodger, and it's been made fun of by fans quite a bit. thankfully, i've come up with a new way to change autogen so that whatever comes out of it isn't a garbled mess of bullets. here's my idea in a vid below:
    Your levels Are one of the main reasons i Got into sOundodger, and They're one of the Main reasons i keEp playing. great work, only problem is that it could have used a bit less bullets. seemed a bit cluttered in some spots.
  8. Version 4.2.0


    i've been dead on this forum for a while now so i figured i would throw a sneak peek from my upcoming level pack at you guys so that you knew i'm still alive most people on the discord already know this, but i'm working on a level pack which has every song in the main levels from crypt of the necrodancer! it's been taking a lot of time and i haven't been working on any other levels because of it, but when it gets done, which is hopefully soon, i'll maybe actually upload some content here. please download and play this level, i need to feed my family in case you couldn't tell from about 20-30 seconds into the level, this is an april fools' joke... but i'm not joking about the pack though. that's actually happening. and this level has a serious version that was teased ages ago which is actually pretty much done, so don't think this garbage is what i've been doing the whole time i was gone
  9. yeah! that's actually going to be the main little gimmick about the level pack, it's going to be entirely songs with two different versions of itself (the zone 3 songs, freezeflame galaxy, etc.)
  10. i really like the zone 3 songs okay lmao this song, along with a few others (and improved versions of a hot mess/a cold sweat) will be released as part of a level pack on an undetermined date. enjoy
  11. oi, thanks for playing these! i appreciate it man
  12. Version 1.0.0


    I can't believe I finished this in one day. A Hot Mess is the more difficult, more intense version of A Cold Sweat. Both levels have minor differences, but since the songs are similar, they are mostly the same thing. Enjoy yourselves.
  13. Let's get another level started here, shall we?
  14. F-777 - Space Battle

    Version 1.0.0


    Here we go, another level by me! And to think, it only took like 300 years since the first preview. Enjoy yourselves.