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    ok... the sync is a big problem in this level, some parts are pretty bad and empty, the beggining and the bubble streams with the hug bullets was ludicrously laggy and the gameplay in some parts is just boring and the timewarps are weird. the only good thing imo was the color scheme, pretty decent. i give this level a 1.75/5
    Pretty good for being your 2nd level, i think you could have been used some colors instead of greys. the level is fun but some parts are very repetitive. the majority of this level was very easy but 1 or 2 parts were a bit hard. i will see if i can record it and get 100% + heart i give this level a 3.50/5
  1. High Heeled Low Life

    Version 1.0.0


    OwO new level High Heeled Low Life was originally going to be the 2nd level of Unnamed Pack but i didnt know what to do for it so basically it died. i decided that after Hearthfire and Spellbound got released i should work on this level again. this level was going to die again because i didnt had ideas for the drop parts so i aked my friend ToiR if he could help me, and he did a great job. i hope you enjoy and have fun whit this level ^w^ Artist: Blue Stahli Song: High Heeled Low Life Album: Antisleep Vol. 01 Difficulty: 4/5
  2. Spellbound

    Version 1.0.0


    OwO new Vindsvept level, whit this one i did the same whit hearthfire, Simple, Enjoyable and Calm, i made this level easy so the majority of players could be able to complete it, i hope you enjoy this level and if you think i could have done something better so i can improve for the future just tell me ^w^ Duration: 2:30 Difficulty: 3/5 Creator: Hence Song Artist: Vindsvept <3 <3 <3
  3. Heartfire by Hence

    Version 1.0.0


    i tried to keep this level simple and easy, i didnt tried to do something new and hard as i always do because it would take a lot of time Duration: 3:16 Difficulty: 3/5 Creator: Hence Song Artist: Vindsvept i hope you enjoy this level, the next one i will try to use some new stuff
    I like what you did whit this level, the idea in general was good but the problem here is the big difficulty, if you made it a bit easier it would been a lot better, i give it a 4/5 Pros: .Good idea and nice patterns Cons: .Big difficulty
  4. there is going to be an advanced version too but whit some changes
    wowie, the color scheme reminded me a lot of of Sugarcow RM, the patterns were simple and fun, but the only thing i dont like about this level is the color of the hug bullet, i would make it a bit darker. i give this level a 4.25/5 Pros: .Nice color scheme .Simple and FUN Patterns Cons: .Hug bullets color
  5. Hi kyoga, welcome to the community, i hope you enjoy the game and have fun ^w^
  6. °>°
    im going to be honest here. the color scheme is a big problem, like it irritates me a lot, and the song is terrible, the sync is a big issue here too and some of the patterns were very bad, the gameplay was EWWWWW. i will give this a 0/5. downloaded and deleted
  7. Welcome to the soundogger community kapsta, for how much time you have been playing soundodger+ and what user levels you have played o>o
  8. lmao this is exactly my reaction
  9. Howdy S3rios and welcome to the Soundodger+ community. what got your attention for the game and for how much time you have been playing :3
  10. the timewarps are a bit too fast, it some points the level is 1/5 and then it becomes a 4/5. the color scheme is decent imo but in general its a very good 1st level