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    I like what you did whit this level, the idea in general was good but the problem here is the big difficulty, if you made it a bit easier it would been a lot better, i give it a 4/5 Pros: .Good idea and nice patterns Cons: .Big difficulty
  1. there is going to be an advanced version too but whit some changes
    wowie, the color scheme reminded me a lot of of Sugarcow RM, the patterns were simple and fun, but the only thing i dont like about this level is the color of the hug bullet, i would make it a bit darker. i give this level a 4.25/5 Pros: .Nice color scheme .Simple and FUN Patterns Cons: .Hug bullets color
  2. Hi kyoga, welcome to the community, i hope you enjoy the game and have fun ^w^
  3. °>°
    im going to be honest here. the color scheme is a big problem, like it irritates me a lot, and the song is terrible, the sync is a big issue here too and some of the patterns were very bad, the gameplay was EWWWWW. i will give this a 0/5. downloaded and deleted
  4. Welcome to the soundogger community kapsta, for how much time you have been playing soundodger+ and what user levels you have played o>o
  5. lmao this is exactly my reaction
  6. Howdy S3rios and welcome to the Soundodger+ community. what got your attention for the game and for how much time you have been playing :3
  7. the timewarps are a bit too fast, it some points the level is 1/5 and then it becomes a 4/5. the color scheme is decent imo but in general its a very good 1st level
  8. welcome °>°)/
  9. i am a fucking ghost

  10. i dont like my ships, ship me whit a braixen you fat
  11. Unnamed Pack 1

    Version UP 1


    The levels in this pack are by far my best and favorite ones. includes: .Sugarcow Remake 4/5 .High Roller Mojo 5/5 .Gossamer 5/5 .Heart 4/5 .Chaser 6/5 .Scrape 7/5 Have fun whit this. took me 3 months to finish :^)