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  1. Soundodger+ Level Contest 3!

    Version 1.0.0


    Here's all the levels from the Soundiscord Third Level Contest! This time, it was a random collaboration contest. Alternate download: Voting form: Contents: TheAtomix and Fromage - A Monster MapleBacon and Xenon - Alchemy CodeQuaZar and Migueword - Destroyer Frozec and ManicVolcanic - Gold on the Ceiling Samario and Waved - Hide and Seek SamUL and Digitalis - Oh Devil GuyYouDontKnow and ToiR - One Day Starfall and Azure - Parliament of the Rooks Septic and Furret - Ribbon and Gold Dee and Racey - Stories Lev and TSF - The Saint Ethkog and Aqueousmarine - Together Sakurashark and Chron44 - Weight in Gold
  2. Passion Pit - Little Secrets

    Version 1.0.0


  3. Coldplay - Viva La Vida

    Version 1.0.0


    A collab between me and Waved. I like it, it's good.
  4. You forgot the heart in the title forreal tho nice
  5. Grouplove - Ways to Go

    Version 1.0.0


  6. Version 1.0.0


    My contest level! Frozec messed up very slightly and forgot to put it in the contest pack! Oops! Here it is!
    Another excellent pack from SamUL. It's super understandable if you got burned out on the game after this, cause these all seem like they took a lot of work. Also you don't have to apologize for making levels you want to (i.e. Pogo). Review of each level in order of difficulty (same difficulty -> alphabetical order): Beep Block Skyway: A fun and simple level exploring a fun and simple idea. Didn't overstay its welcome, kept it interesting despite being really only one thing. Bloodstain: Fun and challenging, but not too challenging. Largest complaint is some of the colors. Like why are the homings light blue and the hugs purple, bruh. C'mon. Final Drive: Really pretty, and an excellent example of your style. It's also a good example, especially at the beginning, of one thing I dislike about some of your levels: the patterns are sometimes much bigger than the sounds feel to me. It wasn't much of an issue here, though, and I still super, super loved it. Watching You: Very similar feelings on it to Final Drive. Super super pretty,interesting and unique, but one section (in this case, the oversized bubble waves) was much too big and fast for how the song was going at the time. Still, that was a really short bit, and the level was excellent otherwise. The hug segments prove that you use hugs better than anyone else. Love On Me: Really tricky, but fast and fun. Not extremely memorable, though. Delta: HOW MANY L-L-LICKS HOW MANY L-L-LICKS DOES IT TAKE TO REACH THE CENTER OF MY heaaaaart 10/10 Midnight: I... didn't really like this one. I feel like you tried to keep too much of the original in it, and it didn't really work out? The homing streams were annoyingly difficult to see. Also the yellow linear bullets were slightly green and it was really distracting. Spitting Venom: Really, really enjoyed it. A song choice that I would not have called, but it's a good song and you made it work. The level was fun and challenging, with gameplay that switched up to keep it interesting. The green, though. I disagree with the green. +2 bonus: NO TIME FOR MEMES, SON Overall, a super solid pack. Learn colors, but otherwise, it was fun, varied, and like I said earlier most of the levels used hugs better than anyone else does. 5/5 stars.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    As seen on TV Bean stream.
  8. Wow, that was pretty fast.
    Overall, a really solid level pack. I'll review each level in it, in order of how much I liked them. 1. Reincarnate - A really good level. The song choice was good, the level's gimmick (the enemy placement) was interesting, and you mixed it up within that constraint. No issues with it really come to mind. Five stars. 2. Somewhere - Well done. It's an interesting song to make a level from, and you kept the difficulty down without making it a zero-effort level. It did get a bit boring in places, though. Four and a half stars. 3. The Color of Space - Really gorgeous, but marred with a few signposting issues. In a few sections near the end, there's some streams where it's not clear whether you're supposed to be on the inside or the outside of them and I chose wrong twice. Other than that though, it was really good. Four and a half stars. 4. Sinister People - Fun and bright, with patterns that felt correct for the song. It felt weirdly synced in some spots, though? Like, large patterns were synced up with sounds that I barely noticed. Solid overall though. Four stars. 5. 9-Bit Expedition - Pretty good, but more of that weird sync. The same sounds will be synced to patterns that wildly vary in size, and it's kind of distracting. In addition, the spinrate often felt unfitting to the energy of the song. Finally, it got a bit repetitive. Still decent, however. Three and a half stars. 6. Stalemate - I really wanted to like this one, but it just wasn't super great. There's a lot of really messy sections with no clear path through them, and the homing bullets almost universally made things worse. I didn't like the bullets-from-nowhere thing, and most importantly, I don't like imitation Blu levels. Like, they've been done, you know? By Blu. I want to see *your* levels. Despite all that, it was competently made, and some parts were clever. Three stars. 7. Andromeda - I also *really* wanted to like this one, and maybe I'm biased toward my own level of this song, but it seemed like it was just the worst elements of the other levels. The vocals were boringly done, there were more of those weird sync issues, the spinrate felt off, a lot of the patterns felt too messy, and it was confusing at times. It was still not terrible, though, and I liked a few segments. Two and a half stars. Overall, it was solid, but there's definitely room for improvement.
  9. Gorillaz - Andromeda

    Version 1.0.0


    Take it in your heart now, lover
  10. Nuclear Throne Level Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    This is what I have *actually* been working on. Enjoy.
  11. Cool, good to have you here