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  1. Well hello there! My name is Zain. I'm not the best with introductions and don't really have much to say about myself but I guess I can say how I found out about Soundodger since that's what got me here. Also, I should've posted this back when the site came out but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I started playing Soundodger in June of 2016 when I saw Krazy's youtube video of him playing it. It looks pretty interesting since I'm a fan of rhythm games (cough cough osu!). I found out that the game is on steam and grew more interested in it and decided it was worth purchasing. The main levels gave me a lot of trouble and I raged a lot. Currently, I have only 3 more levels left to get hyperdodger which is pretty good I guess. I really enjoy the game itself and love how the community isn't as cancerous as the uh.. other... one. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this! Here's a couple of social media stuff if you'd like to take a look at: YouTube (I upload Geometry Dash and Soundodger): Discord (If you want to chat or just say "hi"): Zain#4600 Twitter (I retweet nonsense, but a follow would be nice): Have a nice day! o/