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  1. Welcome here
  2. Hey ! Welcome on the forum Enjoy your stay
  3. Well done ! That's a cool level, love the song as well Good job
  4. Ahah, this song is really nice, love it
  5. That's an awesome general guide on Soundodger+ ! A lot of things really interesting inside, thank you for it ! I'll highlight and pin it.
  6. The Battle of Lil' Slugger could be an awesome custom level I think ^^
  7. #Accepted Section added
  8. Hey ! Welcome here ! Hope you'll suceed to become a great gamedev in the futur
  9. Welcome N°20 ! Have a good stay here
    I love the song so far, and I really enjoyed the level, nice collab ! (I hope to see more custom levels on Savant's songs, they're great)
  10. Hey ! Welcome here
  11. The hardest song I can play is from Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage, and I would say that Jenova from FF VII is a really nice OST to listen (with a good piano cover indeed)
  12. Looks really nice ! I like all the colors you put in, fits well with the music ! Want to see more of this for sure
  13. The level is as crazy as the song ahah ! You created it ?