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 Well, here it is.  It has been 6 months since I've released a level to the public.  I hope this meets the expectations you have and that you have a great time playing my latest work.  I'm sorry for the repeat of Pogo songs, but I burned myself out 6 levels into the pack and struggled to make anything else.  I can't think of anything else to say, I'm just very tired of soundodger atm and plan to take a fairly long break.


Variety Pack 2 includes 8 levels:

Beep Block Skyway - A very short level with a gimmick that most people know from Middlethought's level 'Gonna Fear Now'.  Surprisingly, this level has existed a long time before that.

Bloodstain - Probably the most fun level in variety pack 2.  It has unique mechanics and switches up the gameplay quite a bit throughout the song.

Delta - Another very fun and very fast level.  Also a fan favorite before the pack even released (and hopefully stays a favorite).

Final Drive - A slow paced level with lots of hugs and screen filling patterns.  Fairly easy, if that's your thing.

Love On Me - Flies like a butterfly, stings like a bee.  Despite being very smooth, you'll have to be very careful as well to complete this one.

Midnight - A remake of the best level from the infamous caravan palace pack I made almost a year ago.  Fairly difficult.  Your ability to maneuver between multiple streams of homings will be tested.

Spitting Venom - The first, hardest, and longest level in the pack.  Every bullet type will be thrown at you multiple times.  I wish anyone who attempts this lots of luck.

Watching You - This level was made with 13 enemies, and most patterns resulted from experimenting with how you could make patterns from a prime number.  Luckily, it turned out pretty great.

+2 bonus levels (lone digger free)...


Alternate download: Pack


Special thanks to Frozec and TSF for playtesting a few levels (and being great people in general)

Also, thank you for the support.

~ Sam

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Another excellent pack from SamUL. It's super understandable if you got burned out on the game after this, cause these all seem like they took a lot of work. Also you don't have to apologize for making levels you want to (i.e. Pogo). Review of each level in order of difficulty (same difficulty -> alphabetical order):

  • Beep Block Skyway: A fun and simple level exploring a fun and simple idea. Didn't overstay its welcome, kept it interesting despite being really only one thing.
  • Bloodstain: Fun and challenging, but not too challenging. Largest complaint is some of the colors. Like why are the homings light blue and the hugs purple, bruh. C'mon.
  • Final Drive: Really pretty, and an excellent example of your style. It's also a good example, especially at the beginning, of one thing I dislike about some of your levels: the patterns are sometimes much bigger than the sounds feel to me. It wasn't much of an issue here, though, and I still super, super loved it.
  • Watching You: Very similar feelings on it to Final Drive. Super super pretty,interesting and unique, but one section (in this case, the oversized bubble waves) was much too big and fast for how the song was going at the time. Still, that was a really short bit, and the level was excellent otherwise. The hug segments prove that you use hugs better than anyone else.
  • Love On Me: Really tricky, but fast and fun. Not extremely memorable, though.
  • Midnight: I... didn't really like this one. I feel like you tried to keep too much of the original in it, and it didn't really work out? The homing streams were annoyingly difficult to see. Also the yellow linear bullets were slightly green and it was really distracting.
  • Spitting Venom: Really, really enjoyed it. A song choice that I would not have called, but it's a good song and you made it work. The level was fun and challenging, with gameplay that switched up to keep it interesting. The green, though. I disagree with the green.
  • +2 bonus: NO TIME FOR MEMES, SON

Overall, a super solid pack. Learn colors, but otherwise, it was fun, varied, and like I said earlier most of the levels used hugs better than anyone else does. 5/5 stars.

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Expectations were set high thanks to Sam sharing Bloodstain and Delta prior to uploading this. Despite these high expectations, he still managed to completely knock it out of the park.

Variety pack contains a good amount of levels that are extremely well-crafted. There's too much to compliment, really. If I were to make a whole list, I'd probably be sitting here for well over half an hour. I mean, even the 2 extra joke levels included, you can tell Sam put some form of effort into. I'm too tired to write an actually good review. You got my opinion, and in case you want something more detailed: I refer you to Manic's review, which I largely agree with.

However, there is 1 tiny criticism I'd like to give Sam. Just like, cool it with the homing bullets, dude. You use them a lot on regular interval in multiple levels here, which really just makes the level's challenge more frustrating, if anything. This is especially the case with Delta. While it's still undoubtedly my favorite level in the pack, there are just too many homing bullets. 

Level pack is amazing. You're missing out if you don't get it.

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Yeah, this is good.
I typically don't like levels with many normals/waves but this, this is different. I find myself playing 2 levels in particular from this pack over and over again (something I don't do often) and I really liked almost everything with all of the levels (without the bonus levels. Those are magical). Something about your style really twigs on me, and evidently, it does on everyone else.

The 2 levels that I mentioned before were Bloodstain and Midnight. I don't quite know what makes a level "fun", but this level hits that well. So well, in fact, that I think I might keep this one in my files for a while. Not to mention the great song making it just that much better. Midnight is another one I really enjoyed. The song was really nice, and the patterns in general were really good. My main problem with it is that the homings are a little much, but I do suppose you warned us about that. Oh Well. Really nice job on this.

(Why is everybody always pickin' on me?)

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